Ensuring effective cleaning and hygiene in the Food Processing industry requires robust processes, effective equipment and high-performance chemicals.

With poor hygiene resulting in potentially catastrophic outcomes for food manufacturing and processing businesses, cutting corners to save a dollar is not an option. We meet the demands of our customers by providing high-performing chemicals, backed by the latest equipment, training and risk management approaches.

Experts in clean and safe food preparation

We specialise in finding solutions to your food processing cleaning problems. In fact, there isn’t a cleaning process issue we couldn’t solve yet!

We achieve this success by formulating chemicals that meet the needs of the Food Processing & Manufacturing industry, including the development of application-specific products if required, using our Adelaide-based Research & Development facility.

Customers utilising our products and services today come from the bakery, confectionary, meat/fish processing, convenience food and beverage sectors – many of whom are leading brands in their fields.

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Products we offer

Associated Services

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Dominant works with a number of large food and beverage manufacturers across Australia to provide chemicals specifically formulated for CIP activities and food manufacturing facilities.

Our range includes products with features such as:

  • Protein soils, fats, oils and carbonised deposit removal with non-foaming, heavy duty caustic cleaners with dispersants and sequestrants for use with high-pressure cleaners
  • Non-caustic CIP cleaners for heavy-duty use and for machine dishwashing that can be used on aluminium equipment and contain active descaling agents to ensure ongoing effective machine use
  • Phosphoric-acid and natural organic acid de-scalers, which do not produce toxic fumes and include low-foam surfactants for descaling and CIP operations
  • Enzyme-based products for the biological treatment of grease traps and drains
  • Foaming and/or sanitising hand soaps specifically formulated for use in food preparation and manufacturing facilities, supported by both manual and automatic dispensing systems and training
  • General housekeeping products designed for use in food manufacturing, preparation or hospitality areas

Industrial Cleaner Range

We have a long history of supporting customers with industrial cleaning requirements.

Within our industrial cleaner range are:

  • Crate washing products specifically formulated in conjunction with the CSIRO for the food logistics industry, that contain no phosphates or palm oil and are effective in cold water
  • Vehicle and machinery cleaners and degreasers
  • Solvent-based cleaners, including low-odour solvent cleaners
  • Specialised products for graffiti removal from brickwork, metal, wood, glass or concrete
  • Hand cleaners specifically formulated to be tough on grease and dirt, but to avoid adverse skin reactions through the use of innovative ingredients such as lanolin

Beverage Production

At Dominant, we pride ourselves on working with beverage producers to develop formulated products that offer reduced risk of contamination or taint in production, whilst also improving cleaning performance and minimising environmental impact associated with waste-water run-off.

Our formulated products include:

  • Potassium Hydroxide/Sodium Hydroxide blends with added surfactants and sequestrants, which is now the favoured CIP solution for a number of Australia’s leading wineries
  • Formulations blending peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to product a very effective sanitiser, with the additional benefits of being non corrosive to stainless steel and reducing biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) in effluent
  • Non-caustic products designed product for medium-duty cleaning such as removing light to medium tank deposits. The non-caustic formula is much safer for operators and doesn’t require dangerous goods storage requirements or other PPE. It can also be safely used on aluminium equipment
  • Formulations which combine Sodium Hydroxide with low-foaming detergents and sequestrants to deliver exceptional cleaning performance

Hand Hygiene Solutions

Hand cleaning is a vital step in prevention of cross-infection. With frequent hand cleaning required in many areas mild products are essential to prevent dermatitis. Recognising the spread of requirements our customers have, Dominant manufactures a complete range to suit all applications.

Most products are available in bulk or in the Dominant Star System; a sealed pouch-based system that eliminates cross contamination and bacteria and pathogen build-up associated with refillable soap systems.

Our range includes:

  • Aquista – an odourless hand cleaner especially made for food preparation areas
  • Foaming and/or sanitising hand soaps in manual or automatic dispensers
  • Product-specific hand hygiene training and wall charts
  • Budget-focused products for industrial or cost-conscious situations
  • Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered hand sanitisers


Dominant can supply a wide range of equipment for accurate dispensing and more efficient use of the products. This includes chemical dosing pumps, electronic detergent feeders, handsoap dispensers and more.


Dominant is committed to providing ongoing training of the highest standard. Staff training is an integral component of the Dominant service.

Dominant can provide training on many facets related to cleaning and hygiene including:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • The Safe and Effective Use of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Doing it Right: Good Dishwasher Practice
  • Hazard identification in the workplace
  • HACCP and Food Hygiene procedures

An assessment component is available for all the training modules above in order to assess competency.

Free reporting

Dominant provides monthly dishwasher and glasswasher reporting free of charge. Reporting covers machine and chemical dispensing, equipment condition and operation maintenance.

Technical Assistance
& Information

Safety Data Sheets and copies of the Food Industry Approvals are available. Technical Bulletins give additional information about the products, and SOP’s and Product Application Charts can be prepared to assist with staff training and ensure optimum product use.

Dominant has qualified chemists on staff, please contact us for specialised advice, and assistance with any cleaning or sanitation requirements.

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