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Nitric Plus

Heavy Duty CIP Descaler.

Nitric Plus is a low foaming, high performance detergent descaler for use in CIP applications in the food and beverage industry.


A special blend of Nitric and Phosphoric acids

Effective descaler including the removal of inorganic scale deposits

Low foaming making it suitable for use in CIP operations

Highly economical when used in accordance with usage directions

A conductive liquid suitable for automatic dosing and control


Nitric Plus is suitable for use in a wide range of CIP applications in the Food and Beverage industry.


General Descaling:

1. Use at dilution rates between 2.0-10.0%v/v in temperatures between 20°C-60°C.
2. Rinse well after use with potable water.

CIP Applications:

1. Use at dilution rates between 0.8-2.0%v/v.
2. Rinse well after use with potable water.

Technical information

Colour: Colourless
Form: Liquid
pH Level: <1

Recyclable packaging

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Product information


Product code

20L Drum


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