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The Dominant Contract Manufacturing Process
Recognised as a leader and innovator in the cleaning and sanitation field, Dominant specialise in contract manufacturing for a range of industries.

Dominant is a leading contract manufacturer for hundreds of brands both nationally and internationally. We find the right solution for your business resulting in a signature branded product.

Step 1.

Research & Development

Our sales team will work with you to discuss your cleaning or sanitation requirements, from on-site visits if required, to reviewing and auditing current processes or products used. They will then work with our team of chemists to formulate and test the best product for you.

mixing in lab

Step 2.

Product Packaging

We will test all suitable packaging options and dispensing equipment for your product. From pump and squeeze bottles, bulk containers, foaming trigger sprays and measured chamber bottles, to powder sachets, laundry powder bags, blister tablet packets, and more.

dominant product packaging

Step 3.

Regulatory & Compliance

All labels requirements will be reviewed by our Regulatory & Compliance team to ensure they are compliant for the industry they will be used, or sold in. Safety documentation including Safety Data Sheets and relevant certifications can also be provided.

regulatory and compliance

Step 4.

Graphic Design

We can provide you with the specifications to create your own product artwork, or alternatively, our team of graphic designers will work on a customised design for your private label.

Graphic Design for your label

Step 5.

Product Manufacturing

Your product will then be manufactured in our Adelaide factory facilities, filled, bottled, labelled, and packed, ready to ship.

Contract manufacturing at Dominant

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