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Laundry care professionals for all applications including commercial and on premise laundry.

Dominant offer a complete laundry service from quality products to automatic dispensing equipment, product training, laundry reporting, and auditing.

Our extensive range of laundry products includes liquids, powders, stain removal, fabric softener and bleaches. Your laundry can function with ease with an integrated suite of products for any laundry demands. To provide you with the peace of mind that your laundry will meet the requirements of AS/NZS 414:200 laundry code of practice.

Commercial Laundry


Laundry Usage Reports

Laundry Audits

Technical Support

Automatic Dispensing Equipment

More laundry products

Blue Lake 5L Blue Lake 15L
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Blue Lake

Dominant Blue Lake Laundry Liquid is specially formulated for hard water conditions, leaving your clothes whiter and brighter every time.
Dominant Chlorine Sanitiser
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Chlorine Sanitiser

An all-in-one sanitiser and bleach that can be used to remove stains and sanitise surfaces.
Clinic 4kg Clinic 50g Sachet Clinic 15kg
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Designed to disinfect at just 40 degrees celsius, whiten and brighten like never before with Dominant's Clinic Anitbacterial Laundry Powder.
Dominant Deodorising Drops
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Deodorising Drops

Concentrated Air Deodorising Drops.
Domchlor 750mL Push Pull Cap
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Concentrated powdered chlorine bleach.
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Dominant® Actizone®

A TGA-listed hospital-grade surface spray disinfectant. AUST L 399951
Dominish 8kg
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Multipurpose powder containing an oxygen bleach for destaining, and detergents and alkalis for cleaning.
Domzyme 5L Domzyme 15L
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A highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent with enzymes to remove blood and stains.
Dominant Drychlor
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Dry Chlor

Powdered bleach for destaining and sanitising.
Fabric Softener 5L Fabric Softener 15L
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Fabric Softener

Softens fabrics, reduces static electricity and drying time, and leaves a bacteriostatic finish on linen.
Launder Solv 5L Launder Solv 15L Launder Solv 200L
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Launder Solv

An effective oil and grease emulsifier for commercial laundries.
Laundry Pre Wash 5L Laundry Pre Wash 15L Dominant Trigger Spray
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Laundry Pre-Wash Spray

Fast-acting spray to remove stains, oil and grease in convenient non-aerosol form.
Micro Bleach 5L
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Micro Bleach

Destain and brighten your whites with Micro Bleach.
Micro Break 5L
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Micro Break

Highly concentrated alkaline builder and water softener.
Micro Oxy 5L
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Micro Oxy

An oxygen bleach for safe bleaching of all fabric types. It forms part of the Micro Active Laundry System.
Micro San 5L
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Micro San

A unique blend of detergents, sanitisers, water softeners & cleaning aids to assist in cleaning soiled fabric in domestic or commercial washing machines.
Micro Soft 5L
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Micro Soft

Micro Soft combines concentrated fabric softener and sour with anti microbial properties, with a fresh waterlily fragrance.
Micro Suds 5L
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Micro Suds

Highly concentrated laundry detergent with added enzymes.
Miniburst air freshener Miniburst Lemon Soda Miniburst Mango Madness
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Miniburst Air Freshener

Highly concentrated metered aerosol air fresheners in two fresh, fruity fragrances.
Motel 15kg Pail
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Premium laundry powder for top and front loading washing machines.
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Colourless liquid with an acetic acid (vinegar) odour. It is used as a no-rinse sanitiser in the food industry.
PX22 30g Sachet PX22 15kg Pail
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Cleaning powder that removes a wide range of fats, oils and protein soils.
Shor Bleach 750mL Flip Top Cap Shor Bleach 5L Shor Bleach 15L Shor Bleach Dispensing Bottle 750mL Shor Bleach 750mL
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Shor Bleach

Multipurpose cleaner for industrial use and general cleaning.
Supersoak - 4kg
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Super Soak

Destaining powder for crockery, cutlery and laundry.
Ultra Active Break 15L
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Ultra Active Break

Concentrated alkaline builder.
Ultra Active Destainer Plus 15L
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Ultra Active Destainer Plus

Hard on stains, soft on whites - destain and brighten with Ultra Active De stainer Plus
Ultra Active Bleach 15L
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Ultra Active Oxy Bleach

Make tackling stains on white and coloured fabrics a breeze with Ultra Active Oxy Bleach
Ultra Active Sour N Soft 15L
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Ultra Active Sour N Soft

A fabric softener that combines a souring agent with a fabric softener to leave linen fresh, clean and soft.
Ultra Active Suds 15L
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Ultra Active Suds

Highly concentrated and low foaming commercial laundry detergent.
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Village Wash

An economical laundry powder, suitable for use in top and front loading machines.
Wool Wash 5L
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Wool Wash

A laundry liquid suitable for washing woollens and other fine fabrics.
Zest 15kg
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Zest Laundry Powder

An economical laundry powder, suitable for use in top and front loading machines.

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