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Chlorine Sanitiser

Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%

An all-in-one sanitiser and bleach that can be used to remove stains and sanitise surfaces.


Economical all-in-one bleach and sanitiser

Multiple uses including laundry destainer, food industry sanitiser and infection control in Aged Care

Contains 12.5% available chlorine at the time of manufacture


Chlorine Sanitiser is suitable for use across many different industries and applications. Can be used in the laundry as a destainer, a food industry sanitiser and for infection control.


Chlorine Sanitiser (12.5% w/v Sodium hypochlorite) can be diluted with water to make a lower concentration solution of chlorine bleach (2-3% w/v), which is then further diluted with water before use.

When diluting always use clean filtered water. Avoid contact with any metals including stainless steel. Make up in clean rinsed drums fitted with vented caps. Label the product with the correct Dominant label. The final solution stability will depend on the purity of the water and cleanliness of the drums.

Machine washing capacity

Washing machine capacity
Machine size 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg
mLs per wash 16mL 24mL 32mL 40mL

Dilution rates for sanitiser

General guidelines (based on 12.5% sodium hypochlorite)

PPM (approx) Dilution Rate w/v
50ppm 0.4mL/L 0.04%
200ppm 1.6mL/L 0.16%
500ppm 4mL/L 0.4%
1000ppm 8mL/L 0.8%

For infection control use at 100 ppm wipe onto clean surface and allow to air dry.

Storage & stability

When packed, Chlorine Sanitiser contains 12.5% available chlorine. Please note that, as with all products containing sodium hypochlorite, the active content degrades over time resulting in a lower concentration of sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) at the time of use. This occurs more rapidly at temperatures > 25°C or when exposed to UV light (sunlight). Therefore, the product may contain less than 12.5% chlorine when used.

For maximum product shelf life store in a cool, well ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Always store below 25ºC. Never store in garden sheds or other hot locations. Always rotate stocks using up old product first, or using old stock for non-critical applications such as stain removal.

If use is limited or infrequent, consider purchasing a more diluted bleach such as Shor Bleach to ensure a longer chlorine lifetime.

Critical applications: Users should confirm the solution strength (chlorine concentration) with chlorine test strips before use. Dosage rates can then be adjusted to achieve the desired in-use concentration.

As chlorine stability occurs most rapidly in the concentrated form, stability can by increased by diluting the whole drum down to make 2 -3 drums of bleach as soon as possible. . See the related Technical Bulletin “Chlorine Stability” for more information.


1. Prepare a 1mL/L or water, (0.1%v/v) solution of Chlorine Sanitiser

2. Apply to surface either manually or via spray

3. Allow 5 minutes contact time

4. Rinse thoroughly with potable water


1. Pre-rinse fruit and vegetable with fresh water

2. Prepare a 0.4mL/L of water, (0.4%v/v) solution of Chlorine Sanitiser into a clean sink

3. Check concentration is 50ppm

4. Submerge fruit and vegetables for 3-5 minutes

5. Rinse thoroughly with potable water and drain well


1. Thoroughly clean and rinse surface.

2. Prepare an 8mL/L of water, (0.8%v/v) solution of Chlorine Sanitiser.

3. Soak for 10-20 minutes.

4. Scrub and rinse thoroughly with potable water. Air dry.


1. Use 3mL/L of water (0.3%v/v) solution of Chlorine Sanitiser and circulate.

2. Rinse product contacting surfaces with potable water after use.


1. Use 30mL/L of water (3%v/v) solution of Chlorine Sanitiser and circulate.

2. Rinse product contacting surfaces with potable water after use.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance, strong chlorine odour
Colour: Colourless
pH level: 13.0 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: May be corrosive to metals.
Form: Liquid


  • Halal certification

Recyclable container

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