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Chlorinated Machine Dishwashing Liquid.

A high quality chlorinated liquid for commercial dishwashers. Contains a built in descaler, ideal for hard water areas.

Tornado is a concentrated machine dishwashing detergent with added chlorine bleach for de-staining. It combines excellent cleaning and de-staining in one product.


Contains chlorine bleach to assist with stain removal

Contains high levels of water softening agents

Keeps machine scale-free in moderate-hard water areas

Heavy duty cleaner that removes stubborn soiling with ease

Highly concentrated giving outstanding economy


Can also be used as a CIP (Clean-In-Place) product when cleaning and sanitation is required


Tornado is suitable for all commercial dishwashers with a feeder system attached.


Tornado is automatically dispensed by a commercial dishwasher feeder. Simply change the drum when empty.

Machine dishwasher use:
Use 1.5-2.5g/L

CIP: 1-5% depending on type and level of soiling, contact time and agitation.

Tornado contains chlorine. Always store in a cool area and use old stock first to ensure the product has maximum chlorine content.

Store in a secure area that can be locked and segregate from acids.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance, mild chlorine odour
Colour: Colourless
pH level: 13.2 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: May be corrosive to metals.
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

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