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Whether it is fine dining, cocktail bars, commercial kitchens, or cafes and restaurants, we offer a wide range of wash and rinse products for both traditional and reverse osmosis dishwashers including our Bright Dispensing System, dishwashing liquids, powders, tablets, descalers, and rinse aids.


Our dishwashing services include:

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Dishwashing Products

Blizzard 15L Blizzard 5L
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Dominant Blizzard Dishwashing Liquid maintains the machine in scale free condition and works effectively in moderately hard water conditions.
Bright Clean 5L
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Bright Clean

Put the safety of your customers first with laundry liquid that delivers.
Bright Dish 5L
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Bright Dish

Bright dish is a highly concentrated manual dishwashing detergent, leaving your dishes gleaming like new.
Dominant Bright Rinse Rinse Aid
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Bright Rinse

Bright Rinse is a highly concentrated biodegradable rinse aid, designed to leave your products sparkling.
Bright Shine LF 5L
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Bright Shine LF

Bright Shine LF is a low foaming, acidic rinse aid for machine dishwashing.
Bright Star 5L
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Bright Star

Chlorinated Non Foaming Dishwashing Machine Liquid.
Bright Tech 5L
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Bright Tech

Premium quality on foaming dishwashing liquid with high levels of descaling compounds to maintain the machine in scale free condition in any water.
Bright Wash 5L
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Bright Wash

Bright Wash is a non-caustic Machine Dishwashing Liquid with excellent scale control properties.
Cafe SA12 5L Cafe SA12 15L Cafe SA12 Dispensing Bottle 750mL
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Café SA12

Detergent designed for handwashing of pots, pans, dishes and light duty cleaning of all washable surfaces.
Crystal 5L
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Crystal LF

An effective and economical low foaming rinse aid for commercial dishwasher machines.
Descaler 2kg
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A synergistic blend of organic acids that work together to give rapid and effective descaling ability.
Dishwasher Powder 1kg
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Dishwasher Powder

A high performance dishwasher powder designed for domestic and commercial dishwashing machines.
Dishwasher Tablets
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Dishwasher Tablets

High performance dishwasher tablets designed for domestic and commercial dishwashing machines.
Dominant Dishwashing Detergent 1L
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Dishwashing Detergent

A highly concentrated, lemon verbena and grapefruit scented manual dishwashing detergent.
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Dishwashing Liquid

Dominant's plant-derived, biodegradable Ready to Use Dishwashing Liquid delivers excellent wash performance combined with a fresh, minted lemon fragrance.
DX4 750mL Push Pull Cap
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A lemon verbena and grapefruit scented manual dishwashing detergent.
Glassmaster 5L
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Containing water softening agents and scale inhibitors to keep glass washers sparkling clean with no need to descale.
Glisten - 5L Glisten - 15L Glisten dispensing bottle Glisten flip top cap
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An effective and economical rinse aid for commercial dishwasher machines.
Hi Tech - 5L Hi Tech - 15L
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Premium non-foaming machine dishwashing liquid, containing high levels of descaling compounds to maintain the machine in scale-free condition in any water.
Lemon Sunshine 5L Lemon Sunshine 15L Lemon Sunshine 750mL
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Lemon Sunshine

A superior quality dishwashing detergent with a fresh lemon fragrance for hand washing of dishes, and light duty cleaning.
Phos Kleen 5L Phos Kleen 15L Phos Kleen 200L Phos Kleen 750mL
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Phos Kleen

A strongly acidic descaler with low foam surfactants for descaling dishwashers and equipment in food processing areas.
Result 4kg Result 15kg
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Chlorinated Dishwasher Powder.
Dominant Rinse Aid
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Rinse Aid

Highly effective and eco-friendly rinse aid for domestic style dishwashers.
Smart Brilliant 5L Smart Brilliant 2L Smart Brilliant 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Brilliant

A concentrated glass and chrome cleaner designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel.
Dominant Sparkle Rinseaid Sparkle 15L
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Premium quality rinse aid for commercial and domestic dishwashing.
Tornado 5L Tornado 15L
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Concentrated machine dishwashing detergent with added chlorine bleach for de-staining.
Typhoon 5L Typhoon 15L Typhoon 200L
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Non caustic Machine Dishwashing Liquid to give your dishes a sparkling finish.
Vero 2L Vero 5L Vero 15L Vero Dispensing Bottle 750mL
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Washes and sanitises dishes, leaving a mild lemon fragrance.

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