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Bright Star

Non foaming Commercial Dishwashing solution.

A non foaming detergent for use in commercial dishwashing machines, containing a high level of chlorine.


Combines excellent cleaning and destaining in one

Contains chlorine bleach to assist with stain removal

Highly concentrated giving outstanding economy


Also suitable for use as a CIP cleaner in the food industry to clean stainless steel tanks and other equipment

Dispensed through a Dominant dispensing system for accurate, consistent dosing

Featuring Dominant’s proprietary Protekta® Cap, a no-touch system ensuring staff are never exposed to the product


For use in commercial kitchens as a part of the Dominant Bright Commercial Dishwashing System, and for CIP applications in the Food Industry.


Your Dominant Technical Representative will install and monitor the system at an accurate dosage to suit your sink size. To change bottles unscrew the pickup connector from the empty bottle, remove the cap from the new bottle and screw on pickup connector.

CIP applications: 1-5g/L depending on type and level of soiling, contact time and agitation.
FOOD WASHING (for example: egg washing): use a minimum of 200ppm of chlorine (>5.2g/L or 1:190).

Bright Star contains chlorine. Always store in a cool area and use old stock first to ensure the product has maximum chlorine content.

Store in a secure area that can be locked and segregate from acids.

Never add manually or for use for manual dishwashing.

Technical information

Fragrance: Chlorine odour
Colour: Clear colourless
pH level: 14.0 in neat form
Non compatible surfaces: May be corrosive to metals
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

Biodegradable ingredients

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Product information


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