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From grape to glass

Customised solutions for your winery.

We will work with you to choose the correct products for each application at your winery, including crushing, fermenting, barrelling and bottling.


Our brand looking after yours

We have an extensive range of formulated products with many benefits, including:

  • Reduced output to effluent tanks minimising water treatment costs
  • Improved WHS
  • Less chance of chemical residue
  • Less tank corrosion
  • Quicker cleaning times

Why Dominant

We are experts in our field

We are sustainable thinkers

We provide personalised service

We are innovators

Product Range

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Formulated caustic product with low foam surfactants and sequestrants, designed to penetrate tartare deposits and assist with brown film removal.
BWP 15kg BWP 100kg BWP 200kg
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Formulated caustic product containing low foam surfactants and sequestrants for use in wineries and food & beverage manufacturing industries.
CirClean Phosphate Free 1000IBC Circlean Phosphate Free 15L Drum
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CirClean Phosphate Free

A low-foaming non-caustic liquid used for CIP (Clean-in-Place) applications in the food and beverage industry.
Citric CIP Liquid 120L
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Citric C.I.P. Liquid

Concentrated solution containing citric acid designed for neutralising caustic residue in wine tanks and industrial CIP equipment.
Ethanol 70% 15L
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Ethanol 70%

Ethanol 70% is fast acting and fast drying. This means work surfaces are ready to use in a short time.
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HD Scrubber

A heavy duty cleaner with a low foam profile for cleaning floors and equipment in food preparation and industrial areas.
Hyfoam 5L Hyfoam 15L
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Hyfoam is an excellent chlorinated one step cleaner sanitiser for all food industry applications.
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Line Lube

Slat conveyor lubricant.
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Mildly acidic cleaner containing hydrogen peroxide to provide a source of oxygen for destaining, plus high foaming detergents and a quaternary sanitiser.
Oxypower LF 15kg
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Oxypower LF

Low foaming, wine tank cleaning product.
Potassium Plus 120L
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Potassium Plus

Highly concentrated blend of potassium hydroxide & sodium hydroxide - highly effective at rapidly removing fat and protein deposits.
Vincirc Phosphate Free
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Vincirc Phosphate Free

A low-foaming non-caustic powder used for CIP (Clean-in-Place) applications in wineries to remove residue, staining and tartrate deposits.

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