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Chlorinated caustic alkali solution with excellent foaming capacity.

An excellent chlorinated one step cleaner sanitiser for all food industry applications.


Using 5% v/v Hyfoam with a 10 minute contact time will clean sanitise against Listeria Monocytogenes under dirty conditions

Clean and degreases

Contains a blend of biodegradable high foaming surfactants, potassium hydroxide and chlorine

Creates a dense foam for extra contact time and improved cleaning ability

Very effective at removing protein soils from surfaces

Can be used for cleaning floors, walls, cutting tables, packing fillers, benches, conveyors and other processing equipment


Hyfoam is suitable for use in food processing and food preparation areas.


Use at dilutions from 1:10 (100mL/L) to 1:50 (20mL/L) (2-10%v/v) depending on degree of soiling. It may be used through an airless or air foam gun, or used manually.

Dry clean first to remove large particles and hose down if large amounts of blood is present. Foam over all surfaces and leave to act for 10-15 minutes. Scrub any stubborn soils, then rinse thoroughly with potable water.

Hyfoam is not recommended for use on aluminium or galvanised equipment as the caustic content can damage the surface. It is recommended to use a sanitiser such as Optisan, Bacban or Hypersan afterwards for optimum hygiene.

Product must be stored in a cool area and stock rotated to use oldest product first. Check use by date before use to ensure ‘first in – first out’ rotation of stock.

Technical Information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
pH level:
Incompatible Surfaces:
Not recommended for use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces.


  • Halal certification

Recyclable container

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