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Agricultural hygiene is of the highest importance to prevent pests and disease, and to ensure compliance with biosecurity procedures.

Each area comes with its own cleaning challenges. Dominant have cleaning and sanitation products available for use in dairy and milking, meat farms, poultry and egg farms, produce handling, and packaging facilities.

Egg Farm
Health & Safety First
Dominant is accredited to APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) to ensure confidence in your cleaning and hygiene management solutions for safety and efficiency.
  • Cleaning to maintain value and ensure reliability of high quality equipment and machinery.
  • Cleaning and sanitation products for produce, and its transportation.
  • Hand hygiene products for all coming into contact with produce.

What we can offer you

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Bacban 15L Bacban 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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A quaternary based, no-rinse air dry sanitiser for hard, non-porous food contact surfaces.
Dominant Chlorine Sanitiser
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Chlorine Sanitiser

An all-in-one sanitiser and bleach that can be used to remove stains and sanitise surfaces.
Domchlor 750mL Push Pull Cap
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Concentrated powdered chlorine bleach.
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Dominant® Actizone®

A TGA-listed hospital-grade surface spray disinfectant. AUST L 399951
Dominant Drychlor
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Dry Chlor

Powdered bleach for destaining and sanitising.
Ethanol 70% 15L
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Ethanol 70%

Ethanol 70% is fast acting and fast drying. This means work surfaces are ready to use in a short time.
Food Sanitiser 5L Food Sanitiser 1L Food Sanitiser 750mL Dispenser Bottle
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Food Sanitiser

Chlorinated food and vegetable sanitiser.
Hyfoam 5L Hyfoam 15L
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Hyfoam is an excellent chlorinated one step cleaner sanitiser for all food industry applications.
Dominant Hypersan Dominant Hypersan Plain Dispensing Bottle 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Concentrated Sanitiser for food contact surfaces.
Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 1L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 5L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner 15L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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An all-in-one alkaline chlorinated detergent cleaner and sanitiser.
Oxypower LF 15kg
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Oxypower LF

Low foaming, wine tank cleaning product.
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Colourless liquid with an acetic acid (vinegar) odour. It is used as a no-rinse sanitiser in the food industry.
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A non-formaldehyde sanitary fluid that controls bacterial that cause odour and leaves a fresh fragrance in the toilet.
Quicksan Dispensing Bottle 750mL Quicksan Dispensing Bottle 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Rapid kill and fast drying hard surface disinfectant.
Sanibac 2L
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Leave on sanitiser for use in kitchens and food processing areas.
Shor Bleach 750mL Flip Top Cap Shor Bleach 5L Shor Bleach 15L Shor Bleach Dispensing Bottle 750mL Shor Bleach 750mL
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Shor Bleach

Multipurpose cleaner for industrial use and general cleaning.
Smart Sanclean 5L Smart Sanclean 15L Sanclean 200L Smart Sanclean 750mL
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Smart Sanclean

Non corrosive and compatible with any washable surface, Sanclean combines good cleaning and disinfection in a safe to use product.
Spray and Wipe Sanitiser 750mL
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Spray & Wipe Sanitiser

Take general surface cleaning to the next level, with our ready to use spray and wipe sanitiser, perfect as a one step cleaner or on on heavily soiled surfaces.

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