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Strong acidic cleaner, descaler & sanitiser for use in foaming applications or through CIP Systems.

Phasan is a strongly acidic descaler with high foam surfactants for descaling equipment in food processing areas.


Using Phasan with a 5 minute contact time will clean sanitise against Listeria Monocytogenes under dirty conditions

Very good foaming acid cleaner

Highly effective descaler, cleaner and sanitiser

Contains high foaming, biodegradable surfactants

Acid-anionic sanitiser suitable for cleaning filling lines and nozzles in Food & Beverage establishments


Phasan can be used in foaming equipment or through CIP systems.


Application Dilution Rate mL's per Litre Note
Foaming applications 1:20 50mL/L
General Cleaning 1:100 10mL/L
No-Rinse Sanitising 1:95 10.5mL/L Minimum contact time 1 minute at 20°C

Higher concentrations can be used for greater sanitising efficacy however, the product will then need to be rinsed from surfaces with fresh water.

Do not mix with chlorine products.

Technical Information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
pH level:
Incompatible surfaces:
Aluminium, brass or galvanised surfaces.


  • Halal certification

Recyclable Packaging

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