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Our Approach


Building partnerships that add value is our goal. We listen to your needs and concerns, and then tailor an insightful solution.

Our Account Managers will meet you in person to discuss your business and what makes it unique. We will then take a visit and thorough audit of your site to ensure we have a complete understanding of your requirements.

Dominant products

Risk Assessments

Identify high risk areas to be included in your hygiene safety plan.

We will evaluate the findings of our audit report to ensure all areas of business are being addressed, identifying areas of concern, and areas requiring improvement.


find the solution for you

Develop the best cleaning, sanitation & hygiene solutions to meet your business needs.

Every business is different, which is why we ensure all areas of the business are protected with the best product and dispensing solutions for their processes and range of users.


Commence roll-out of Dominant systems and products.

We engage with all staff to roll out compliance documentation and safety charts including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Hazard Registers, Product Charts, and Colour Coded Safety System charts. We understand your need to continue operating without disruption and ensure the rollout of dispensing systems and compliance documentation is carried out with a smooth transition.

Dominant Dispensing Systems

Work Health & Safety

An integral component of the Dominant service is to conduct ongoing staff training, service and calibration of dosing equipment.

Our commitment to protecting the health and safety of anyone who comes into contact with our products is demonstrated through a range of training including, Safe and Effective Use of Cleaning Chemicals, HACCP Principles, Food Safety and Hygiene Procedures. We offer both in-person and online training modules to assess the competency of users.

Ongoing Support

We will continue to ensure cleaning is carried out effectively & consistently and that compliance standards are being upheld across your organisation.

We offer continued support service including application training, hygiene monitoring, laundry and dishwasher reporting, laundry audits, and service and maintenance of dispensing equipment.

Micro Active System

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