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Hard Surface Cleaners

Cleaning products for all surfaces

Hard surface cleaners designed for every surface and application.

Our comprehensive range covers bathrooms, floors, walls, concrete, painted surfaces, timber, tiles, marble, and even specialised food-safe approved products providing you with a complete suite of product solutions.

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All Kleen 5L
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All Kleen

A concentrated multi-purpose cleaning product leaving excellent results.
Bacban - 5L Bacban - 15L Bacban Dispensing Bottle 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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A quaternary based, no-rinse air dry sanitiser for hard, non-porous food contact surfaces.
Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 500mL Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 5L Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 15L
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Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Keep your bathroom gleaming like new by disinfecting and deodorising with Dominant Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner.
Big Red 5L Big Red 15L
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Big Red Disinfectant

Cleans, disinfects and deodorises on all washable surfaces.
Breakaway 5L Breakaway 15L
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Breakaway hard surface cleaner - concentrated alkaline cleaner with exceptional grease cutting performance.
Cream Cleaner - Ready to Use Product
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Cream Cleaner

Clean away stubborn dirt, residue and dirt with Dominant's safe to use, highly effective Cream Cleaner.
Creme Cleanser 750mL Creme Cleanser 375mL
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Creme Cleanser

Non-scratch, multi-purpose hard surface cleaner.
Fresh Lemons 5L Fresh Lemons 15L
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Fresh Lemons

Clean, disinfect and deodorise in one easy step.
General Purpose Cleaner 5L General Purpose Cleaner 15L
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General Purpose Cleaner

Water softening agents and anionic and non ionic detergents for excellent cleaning without excessive foam.
Germ O Chlor 500g Germ O Chlor 15KG
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Germ O Chlor

Germ O Chlor combines alkaline builders, water softeners, detergents and chlorine bleach in an easy to use product.
Glaze Sheen 750mL Glaze Sheen 5L Glaze Sheen 15L
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Glaze Sheen

Leave a high quality, gleaming finish with our multi-purpose solution.
Hospital Disinfectant 5L Hospital Disinfectant 2L Hospital Disinfectant 15L Hospital Disinfectant - 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Hospital Disinfectant

Therapeutic product proven to kill COVID-19.
Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant - Ready to Use Product
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Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant

Scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Ready to Use product.
Hyfoam 5L Hyfoam 15L
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Hyfoam is an excellent chlorinated one step cleaner sanitiser for all food industry applications.
Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 1L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 5L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner 15L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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An all-in-one alkaline chlorinated detergent cleaner and sanitiser.
Laser 5L Laser 15L Laser 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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A fast acting spray to help remove oil, grease, cosmetics and other stains in convenient non aerosol form.
Lemonel 5L Lemonel 200L Lemonel Dispensing Bottle 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Highly concentrated disinfectant.
Mask 15L Mask 200L Mask 750mL Dispensing Bottle
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Combine cleaning and deodorising in one easy to use product.
Orange Oil 5L Orange Oil 15L Orange Oil 750mL
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Orange Oil MPC

A multipurpose hard surface cleaner containing detergents made from naturally derived surfactants and natural orange oil solvent.
Shor Bleach 750mL Flip Top Cap Shor Bleach 5L Shor Bleach 15L Shor Bleach Dispensing Bottle 750mL Shor Bleach 750mL
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Shor Bleach

Multipurpose cleaner for industrial use and general cleaning.
Smart Brilliant 5L Smart Brilliant 2L Smart Brilliant 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Brilliant

A concentrated glass and chrome cleaner designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel.
Smart Harmony 5L Smart Harmony 2L Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Harmony

A cleaner/disinfectant specially formulated to kill bacteria in soiled area and leave a lingering soft fragrance.
Tenozid8 5L Smart Tenozid8 2L Tenozid8 Dispensing Bottle 750mL
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Smart Tenozid 8

Shower, bath and basin cleaning solution.
Smart Wizard 5L Smart Wizard 2L Smart Wizard 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Wizard

Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner.
Spray and Wipe - Ready to Use Product
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Spray & Wipe

Dominant's Ready to Use Spray and Wipe is an all purpose hard surface cleaner attacks dirt, oils and grime, leaving a clean - glossy surface.
Spring Mist 5L Dominant Trigger Spray
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Spring Mist

Leave a lingering freshness hours after cleaning, with Spring Mist.
Stainles Steel Finish - 500mL
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Stainless Steel Finish

Gives stainless steel appliances and kitchen surfaces a rich, protective lustre with Stainless Steel Finish.
Super Active 5L Super Active 750mL
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Super Active

A heavy duty alkaline degreaser that gives excellent removal of oily and greasy soils.
Tall Timber 5L Tall Timber 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Tall Timber

Disinfectant deodorant with a long lasting lemon fragrance.
Victory 5L Victory 5L Victory 15L Victory 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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pH neutral, general purpose, solvent free cleaner for use on all hard surfaces, leaving them with a sparkling finish.

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