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Stainless Steel Finish

Protect your stainless steel with Stainless Steel Finish.

Gives stainless steel appliances and kitchen surfaces a rich, protective lustre with Stainless Steel Finish.


Cleans and provides a protective finish in one step

Contains a blend of detergent for light duty cleaning

A refined mineral oil leaves a protective film that leaves equipment looking like new

Removes finger marks and sticky deposits with minimal rubbing and buffing

Ready to use

Helps to minimise fingerprints and marking of stainless steel.


Suitable for use on a wide range of stainless steel appliances and surfaces including dishwasher, fridge, coffee machine, kettle, elevator doors, range hoods etc.


1. Screw the trigger spray onto the bottle and set to spray

2. Spray lightly over the surface to be cleaned

3. Buff off with a paper towel or clean cloth

Do not spray on food contact surfaces such as stainless steel mixing bowls or benches.

Technical information

Fragrance: Lemon
Colour: Pink
Form: Liquid
pH Level: 9.0

Recyclable packaging


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