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a complete suite of washroom products

Keeping your washrooms hygienic and safe for all users

Dominant have a wide range of washroom products from multipurpose products, hard surface cleaners, and air deodorisers, to disinfectants, scale removers, and hand soaps. These products are designed to work in sync so you can maintain the highest possible standards in your facility's washrooms.


What do we offer?

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Dispensing equipment

Environmentally friendly products

A range of hand soaps

Need a solution for your washroom?

4 All Star System 750mL 4 all 5L Star System Dispenser Hand and Body Star System Dispenser Hand and Body
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4 All

Leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky with 4 All.
4 Control Star System Pod 750mL 4 Control 5L Star System Dispenser Antibacterial
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4 Control

Cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin.
4 Protection Star System Pod 750mL Star System Dispenser Barrier Lotion 4 Protection 500mL
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4 Protection

Protect your hands with a moisturising barrier lotion.
Air Gel Citrus
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Air Freshener Gel - Citrus

Air care solution in Citrus fragrance.
Air Gel Cotton Blossom
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Air Freshener Gel - Cotton Blossom

Air care solution in Cotton Blossom fragrance.
Air Gel Spiced Apple
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Air Freshener Gel - Spiced Apple

Air care solution in Spiced Apple fragrance.
WHO Hand Sanitiser - 500mL WHO Hand Sanitiser - Automatic Dispenser WHO Hand Sanitiser Manual Dispenser
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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser

World Health Organisation (WHO) Formulation.
Aquista Star System Pod 750mL Aquista 5L Star System Dispenser Hand Wash
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Type A AQIS Approved Hand Cleanser. Suitable for use in food processing areas.
Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 500mL Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 5L Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 15L
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Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner

Keep your bathroom gleaming like new by disinfecting and deodorising with Dominant Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner.
Bathroom Cleaner - Ready to Use Product
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Bathroom Cleaner

Dominant's Ready to Use Bathroom Cleaner - for effective removal of limescale, soap scum and general residue from all hard bathroom surfaces.
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Clean Palms

Moisturise with a blend of cleansers made from coconut oil.
Creme Cleanser 750mL Creme Cleanser 375mL
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Creme Cleanser

Non-scratch, multi-purpose hard surface cleaner.
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Easy Foam

Foaming Hand Wash.
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Easy Foam Antibac

Foam Hand Cleaner, suitable for use on sensitive skin.
Extra Mild Star System Pod 750mL Star System Dispenser Hand Wash
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Extra Mild

Gentle hand cleanser for sensitive skin.
Easyfoam Automatic Dispenser Easyfoam Manual Dispenser
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Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser

Foaming dispenser for hand care products.
Fresh Lemons 5L Fresh Lemons 15L
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Fresh Lemons

Clean, disinfect and deodorise in one easy step.
General Purpose Cleaner 5L General Purpose Cleaner 15L
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General Purpose Cleaner

Water softening agents and anionic and non ionic detergents for excellent cleaning without excessive foam.
Germ O Chlor 500g Germ O Chlor 15KG
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Germ O Chlor

Germ O Chlor combines alkaline builders, water softeners, detergents and chlorine bleach in an easy to use product.
Golden Harvest Star System 750mL Star System Dispenser Golden Harvest
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Golden Harvest

Specifically formulated to moisturise and protect hair and skin.
Green Tea 5L Star System Dispenser Hand and Body
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Green Tea Hands & Shower

Gentle, soap-free cleanser, containing Green Tea extract with powerful antioxidants.
Hi Tech - 5L Hi Tech - 15L
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Premium non-foaming machine dishwashing liquid, containing high levels of descaling compounds to maintain the machine in scale-free condition in any water.
Hospital Disinfectant 5L Hospital Disinfectant 2L Hospital Disinfectant 15L Hospital Disinfectant - 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Hospital Disinfectant

Therapeutic product proven to kill COVID-19.
Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 1L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 5L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner 15L Liquid Chlorinated Cleaner - 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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An all-in-one alkaline chlorinated detergent cleaner and sanitiser.
Mask 15L Mask 200L Mask 750mL Dispensing Bottle
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Combine cleaning and deodorising in one easy to use product.
Mia Kleer - 500mL Star System Dispenser Hand Sanitiser Mia Kleer - 5L
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Mia Kleer®

Hand hygiene has never been more important. Protect yourself and other with Mia Kleer® Alcohol based hand gel.
Miniburst air freshener Miniburst Lemon Soda Miniburst Mango Madness
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Miniburst Air Freshener

Highly concentrated metered aerosol air fresheners in two fresh, fruity fragrances.
Pump 30mL
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Premium Hand Cleaner

High-performance, industrial hand cleaner.
Radiance Star System Pod 750mL Star System Dispenser Hand and Body
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Radiance is a luxurious peach, pearlescent lotion hand and all over body cleanser with skin conditioners.
Remove All 5L
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Remove All

Solvent free hand cleaner.
Sanifoam Automatic Dispenser
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Protect and sanitise with SANIfoam, quick drying with excellent sanitising properties.
Saniclear - 500mL Sanitiser Saniclear -  1L Sanitiser
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Therapeutic antibacterial hand gel.
Shor Bleach 750mL Flip Top Cap Shor Bleach 5L Shor Bleach 15L Shor Bleach Dispensing Bottle 750mL Shor Bleach 750mL
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Shor Bleach

Multipurpose cleaner for industrial use and general cleaning.
Smart Brilliant 5L Smart Brilliant 2L Smart Brilliant 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Brilliant

A concentrated glass and chrome cleaner designed for cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel.
Smart Fresh 5L Smart Fresh 2L Smart Fresh 750mL
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Smart Fresh

Neutralise odours with a hint of freshness, with a highly concentrated air freshener.
Smart Harmony 5L Smart Harmony 2L Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Harmony

A cleaner/disinfectant specially formulated to kill bacteria in soiled area and leave a lingering soft fragrance.
Smart Ocean 2L Smart Ocean 5L Smart Ocean 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Ocean

A concentrated cleaner for use in toilet and bathroom areas. Contains natural organic acids for scale removal.
Tenozid8 5L Smart Tenozid8 2L Tenozid8 Dispensing Bottle 750mL
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Smart Tenozid 8

Shower, bath and basin cleaning solution.
Smart Wizard 5L Smart Wizard 2L Smart Wizard 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Smart Wizard

Neutral Hard Surface Cleaner.
Soft Hands Star System Pod 750mL Soft Hands 5L Star System Dispenser Hand Wash Star System Dispenser Hand Wash
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Soft Hands

Economical, vanilla fragranced hand cleaner and all over body cleanser.
Tall Timber 5L Tall Timber 750mL Dominant Trigger Spray
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Tall Timber

Disinfectant deodorant with a long lasting lemon fragrance.
Toilet Cleaner - Ready to Use Product
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Toilet Cleaner

Clean, descale and deodorise with a fresh, floral fragrance with Dominant's Ready to Use Toilet Cleaner.
Typhoon 5L Typhoon 15L Typhoon 200L
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Non caustic Machine Dishwashing Liquid to give your dishes a sparkling finish.
Urinal Mat - Ocean Mist Urinal Mat - Ocean Mist Urinal Mat - Herbal Mint Urinal Mat - Herbal Mint Urinal Mat - Spiced Apple Urinal Mat - Spiced Apple Urinal Mat - Citrus Urinal Mat - Citrus
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Urinal Air Freshener Mats

Guarantee a clean, hygienic restroom for your customers with Urinal Air Freshener Mats.

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