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4 Protection

Moisturising barrier lotion.

A moisturising barrier lotion to protect hands from occupational exposure, leaving hands smooth, soft and supple.

Dominant Star System

A sealed hand soap pod system to prevent cross contamination. Each soap pod contains a new dispensing nozzle and is individually wrapped and sealed to be easily placed into the star system dispenser when needed.


Reinforces the skin’s moisture barrier without leaving a greasy residue

Helps to prevent and protect chafed or chapped skin

Contains emollients, oils, humectants and colloidal oatmeal to protect the skin

pH neutral 5.5 to match skin pH

Available in our hygienic sealed Star System Dispenser Pod

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


4 Protection is suitable for use across a wide range of industries from Aged Care to Hospitality.


Dispense a small amount of 4 Protection onto hands via the Dominant dispensing system, rub well into the skin until the cream disappears.

Apply a number of times a day to protect and moisturise the skin.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Cream
pH level: 5.5 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: N/A
Form: Creamy Liquid

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