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Mia Kleer®

Alcohol Based Hand Gel.

Mia Kleer® is an alcohol based hand gel that contains 70% Ethanol for refreshing hands. Mia Kleer® air dries in seconds and leaves no residue, offering a convenient option to practice safe hand hygiene when hand washing facilities are unavailable.

Prevent the spread of germs with an alcohol based hand gel that requires no water.


Contains 70% Ethanol

Use without water

Quick drying, leaving no residue

Hands feel cool and refreshed after use

Contains emollients to condition the skin


Mia Kleer can be used whenever you do not have access to hand washing facilities, offering a convenient option to practice safe hand hygiene in all locations.


  1. Apply 1 pump from bottle or dispenser (2-3 mL) onto palms
  2. Rub all over the surface of the hands lightly and allow to air dry. Wave hands to reduce drying time if required. No water is required.

Place in:

  • Entrances and exits
  • Lunchrooms, breakrooms and meeting rooms
  • Reception and waiting rooms
  • Transaction counters

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Clear colourless
pH level: 6.7 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: N/A
Form: Liquid gel


  • Halal certification

Recyclable container

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