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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser

World Health Organisation approved formulation that is suitable for use in healthcare facilities.

WHO (World Health Organisation) approved formulation alcohol-based hand sanitiser.


Contains 80% v/v ethanol to kill germs

WHO (World Health Organisation) approved formulation suitable for use in healthcare facilities

Available in a hygienic sealed pod for use in wall dispenser

Use without water

Very quick drying, leaving no residue

Free from common allergens

Thin liquid formula, not gel


Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser is suitable for use across a wide range of industries from Health Care to the Food Industry.


Dispense onto and rub into both hands. Wave hands to reduce drying time if required.

Dispenser instructions: Open dispenser and insert bag with the foam nozzle at the top. Close dispenser ensuring the bag is not pinched.

Technical Information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Clear colourless
Form: Thin Liquid
pH level:
Incompatible surfaces:

Recyclable packaging


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