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Toilet Cleaner

Duck head bottle toilet bowl cleaner.

Dominant Ready to Use Toilet Cleaner is designed to clean, descale and deodorise toilets bowls and urinals with one easy-to-use product.

The bottle shape allows better access to hard to reach places under the rim, providing a more thorough clean. Dominant Toilet Cleaner leaves toilets fresh and sparkling clean with a lasting citrus fragrance to control odour.

Kills 99.9% of germs


Fresh citrus fragrance


Garden and Septic safe

  • Toilets & urinals

Dominant Toilet Cleaner is an eco-friendly product with recyclable packaging, and a biodegradable formula that is both garden and septic safe.

Citric acid Citrus fruits Softens hard water and adjusts pH


For toilets and urinals, squirt product around rim of toilet bowl. Clean with brush over all areas, leave for a few minutes, then flush.

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12 x 500mL Bottles


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