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Air Deodoriser

Neutralise odours for fresh smelling spaces all day.

The Air Deodoriser will target unwanted odours and freshen the air at the same time. It won't just mask odours, it will neutralise them at their source leaving a lasting fragrance. The blood orange fragrance will provide optimum odour control with its lingering formula creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Ideal for use in:

  • Workplaces
  • Aged care facilities
  • Hotels
  • Child care centres
  • Baby change areas, and more

Fresh blood orange fragrance

Strong deodorising properties

Powered by Plants

D-limonene Orange peel extract Uplifting fragrance


Spray a mist directly onto sources of unwanted odours to deodorise and freshen at the source. Spray into bins/waste disposal units, in drains and toilet bowls to neutralise malodours. For fabric and upholstery, spray from 1 metre away and allow mist to settle on the surface.

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8 x 750mL Bottles


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