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Spray & Wipe

RTU Cleaner for use in all areas.

Keeping your surfaces clean is extremely important for workplace health and safety. Easily lifting away grease, grime and stains, Dominant Spray & Wipe can be used on all hard surfaces to keep them looking clean and professional. It is a multi-purpose cleaner with a fresh fragrance to assist with eliminating odours.

From wiping up spills and mess, to maintenance cleaning of microwaves, stovetops, laminate, coffee tables, walls and door handles, there is a hard surface in all workplaces that will benefit from this ready to use Spray & Wipe.

Tough on grime, gentle on surfaces

Fresh lime fragrance

  • Benchtops & desks
  • Food contact surfaces
  • High traffic touchpoint areas
  • Tiles & sinks
  • Handles & light switches
  • Reception & transaction counters

Dominant Spray & Wipe is an eco-friendly product with recyclable packaging, and a biodegradable formula that is both garden and septic safe.

Powered by Plants

Citric avid Citric fruits Softens hard water and adjusts pH
Ethanol Corn and wheat Fast evaporations for no streaks
Alkyl polyglucosides Coconut and Palm Kernel oils Biodegradable surfactants
Lemon peel oil Lemons Fresh fragrance
Citrus aurantafolia extract Lime Fruit Extract Fresh fragrance


Spray directly onto surface and wipe dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

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8 x 750mL Bottles


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