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Fresh Lemons

Safe to use on any washable surface.

Highly economical product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one easy step.


Deodorises with a fresh lemon fragrance

Cleans and disinfects

Contains 2.5% quaternary ammonium compound for disinfecting

Water softening ingredients asses to boost cleaning and disinfecting

Safe to use on all washable surfaces


Fresh Lemons Disinfectant is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a spray & wipe cleaner disinfectant or for mopping large areas.


Application Surface Soil Level Dilution Rate Dilution Rate in mL's Directions
Spray & Wipe Clean 1:40 20mL/750mL Spray and wipe with cloth or paper towel.
Spray & Wipe Dirty 1:20 40mL/750mL As above. If soiling is heavy, pre-clean and rinse before applying Fresh Lemons Disinfectant.
Bucket Clean 1:40 25mL/L
Bucket Dirty 1:20 50mL/L
Microfibre Dirty 1:80 12mL/L

Do not mix any soaps, detergents or other chemicals with Fresh Lemons or deactivation may occur.

Technical information

Fragrance: Lemon
Colour: Yellow
pH level: 9.3 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces:

Biodegradable ingredients

Recyclable container

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