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Tall Timber

Deodorant cleaner disinfectant with a pleasant Lemon fragrance.

A surface spray sanitiser and light duty cleaner with a long lasting lemon fragrance.


Highly economical to use

Long lasting lemon fragrance

Cleans, sanitises and deodorises

Contains quaternary ammonium compound to assist with sanitising ability


Tall Timber is suitable as a cleaner-deodoriser across all industries.


Application Dilution Rate Dilution Rate in mL's Directions
Antibacterial Deodorant Cleaner Neat or 1:2 for greater economy 375mL/750mL Adjust trigger spray to coarse setting and spray and wipe surface
Air Freshener Near or 1:2 for greater economy 70mL/750mL Adjust spray nozzle to give a fine mist and then spray into centre of room

Tall Timber is classified as flammable with a flash point of 36°C in the neat form. When diluted with water 1:2 the flash point is over 60°C, so is classified as non-flammable.

DO NOT spray directly over people or animals or near ignition sources. Do not mix with other chemicals as deactivation may occur.

Technical information

Fragrance: Lemon
Dark Green
Liquid Gel
pH Level:

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