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Concentrated floor and hard surface cleaner with exceptional grease cutting performance.

A concentrated alkaline cleaner with exceptional grease cutting performance for kitchens and food processing areas. Suitable for cleaning floors and hard surfaces.


Highly effective cleaner for the removal of greases and fats

Suitable for heavily soiled areas such as abattoirs, boning rooms and commercial kitchens

Creates stable foam when used through foaming equipment, giving long contact time and increased cleaning ability


Suitable for use for general cleaning as well as through foaming equipment in meat processing areas and commercial kitchens.


Breakaway works best in warm to hot water as this softens fatty deposits making them easier to remove. If blood is present always rinse with cold water first to prevent setting.

All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with fresh water after use.

Application Surface Soil Level Dilution Rate Dilution rate in mL's
Spray & Wipe Heavy 1:10 80mL/750mL
Spray & Wipe General Cleaning 1:25 40mL/750mL
Bucket Heavy 1:40 25mL/L
Bucket General Cleaning 1:80 12mL/L

Not recommended for scrubbing machines due to the high foam level.

Breakaway is not recommended for cleaning aluminium.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Pale yellow
pH level: 13.4 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: Aluminium, soft metals
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

Biodegradable ingredients

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