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Super Active

Heavy Duty Cleaner.

A heavy duty alkaline degreaser that gives excellent removal of oily and greasy soils.


Cleans floors, walls, machinery, engines, painted surfaces and more

Contains a specialised surfactant blend designed to give rapid emulsification and solubilisation of oily soils for fast effective cleaning

Breaks down fats in grease traps allowing oils to be removed

An excellent cleaning agent for soils in kitchens and other food processing areas

Can be used manually, or through air supplied foamers, high pressure sprayers and floor scrubbers

A versatile multipurpose cleaner

Environmentally responsible - phosphate free and readily biodegradable

Highly effective cleaner for the removal of greases and fats

Suitable for heavily soiled areas such as abattoirs, boning rooms and commercial kitchens

Ideal for cleaning before disinfecting with a quaternary ammonium sanitiser as the surfactants are compatible

Creates stable foam when used through foaming equipment, giving long contact time and increased cleaning ability

Ideal as a cut back agent

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


Suitable for use for general cleaning, industrial oil removal, as well as through foaming equipment in food manufacturing to clean walls, floors and equipment.


All food contact surfaces must be rinsed with fresh water after use.

Application Surface Soil Level Dilution Rate Dilution Rate in mL's
Spray & Wipe Heavy 1:10 80mL/750mL
Spray & Wipe General Cleaning 1:25 40mL/750mL
Bucket Greasy/Oily 1:10 90mL/L
Bucket Heavy 1:40 25mL/L
Bucket General Cleaning 1:80 12mL/L
Cut Back General Cleaning 1:10 - 1:80 100mL/L - 12.5mL/L

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Colourless
pH level: 12.7
Form: Liquid

Recyclable packaging


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