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Bright Shine LF

A low foaming mildly acidic rinse aid ideal on plastics and flight conveyor machines.

A highly concentrated machine acidic rinse aid that leaves a sparkling finish on glasses and crockery. Bright Shine LF contains special inhibitors to prevent scale forming in the rinse lines.


Low-foaming at 40˚C

A highly acidic rinse aid that leaves a sparkling finish on glasses and crockery

Contains special biodegradable detergents


Contains scale control agents to prevent scale build-up in rinse jets

Fitted with the Dominant Protekta® Cap system, preventing contact with the chemical when changing drums


Suitable for all commercial dishwashers with a feeder system attached.


Commercial Dishwasher user: Bright Shine is automatically dispenser by a commercial dishwasher feeder.

Your Dominant Technical Representative will install and monitor the system to ensure perfect results every wash.

To change bottles: Unscrew the blue pickup connector from the empty bottle, remove the blue cap from the new bottle and screw on pickup connector.

Use 2-5mL per cycle.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Blue
pH level: 2.1 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: None
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

Biodegradable ingredients

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