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Orange Oil MPC

Multi Purpose Cleaner.

A multipurpose hard surface cleaner containing detergents made from naturally derived surfactants and natural orange oil solvent.


Made from environmentally safe ingredients, from majority renewable plant based resources

Contains orange oil solvent derived from orange peel

Suitable for use on all washable surfaces

Excellent grease cutting properties without excessive foam levels

Removes grime effortlessly

Contains sodium citrate to soften water

Can be used in trigger spray bottle and bucket for mopping floors

Highly concentrated for maximum economy

Phosphate free, septic safe and biodegradable

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


Suitable for use as a spray & wipe, floor and general cleaner in kitchens and other areas where greasy soils are present.


Application Surface Soil Level Dilution Rate Dilution Rate in mLs
Spray & Wipe Heavy 1:10 70mL/750mL
Spray & Wipe General Cleaning 1:25 30mL/750mL
Bucket Heavy 1:40 25mL/L
Bucket General Cleaning 1:80 12mL/L
Bucket Floors 1:100 10mL/L

Technical information

Fragrance: Orange
Form: Liquid
pH Level: 11.2

Recyclable packaging


Septic safe

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