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Dry Chlor

Chlorine Bleach Powder

A highly active, concentrated granular chlorine bleach powder.


Contains 25% available chlorine

Much greater stability than chlorine bleach liquids with a shelf life of at least 1 year

Can be used as a general chlorinated sanitiser or destainer once fully dissolved

Based on sodium dichloroisocyanurate, a completely soluble powdered chlorine

In the laundry, it is added in powder form so dissolves throughout the bleach cycle, making it safer on linen without a large peak in chlorine at the beginning of the cycle.


Drychlor is suitable for use in laundries and food processing areas.



Use in the laundry during the bleach cycle at a rate of 60-90g/50kg capacity of dry linen.

Use in conjunction with a Dominant laundry powder such as Village Wash.


Use at a ratio of 30g/20L of water. Dissolve completely before adding items to the solution.


1. Apply directly to hard surfaces (ie. Floors) and wet down with cold or warm water

2. All the powder to react for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with potable water

As this method will produce a highly concentrated solution, it may be detrimental to incompatible surfaces. Ensure surface is compatible with this method of application by testing on a small section of the surface prior to regular use.

For dilution rates applicable to sanitisation of hard surfaces, please see supplementary document entitled “Chlorine Concentration for Sanitation.”

Technical information

Fragrance: Chlorine Odour
Colour: White
Form: Powder
pH level: 6.0

Recyclable container

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