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Food Sanitiser

Chlorinated liquid.

A chlorinated fruit and vegetable sanitiser. To be used to sanitise salad vegetables, prior to the preparation of fresh salads.


Reduces the level of bacteria present on salad vegetables

Designed for sanitising salad vegetables, food utensils and food contact surfaces

Kills most types of bacteria and fungi

Keeps salads looking fresher by killing spoilage bacteria and fungi that may degrade the salad ingredients


Food Sanitiser can be used across all industries with food preparation facilities.


For critical applications, users should confirm the solution strength (chlorine concentration) with chlorine test strips before use. Dosage rates can then be adjusted to achieve the desired in-use concentration.

Sanitising Salad Vegetables:

  1. Wash salad vegetables in clean water to remove all visible soiling.
  2. Sanitise by soaking in 50-100ppm (2-4mL/L) available chlorine solution for 5 minutes.
  3. Drain off residue but do not rinse.
  4. Discard solution after use.

If salad vegetables are not to be used immediately, store in a fridge. Sanitation reduces bacteria numbers but doesn’t eliminate them completely, so bacteria will regrow if salads are left out at room temperature.

Sanitising Food Utensils:

  1. Wash utensils manually in a sink.
  2. Rinse and then immerse in a 200ppm (40mL/5L) solution of Food Sanitiser for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Allow items to dry on rack after rinsing

Make up solution at the same time as the detergent and discard once the dishes are washed or at least every 2 hours.

Hard Surface Sanitising:

  1. Clean and rinse surface.
  2. Spray with a 200ppm (6mL/750mL) solution of Food Sanitiser and
    leave to dry.
  3. Discard any solution left at the end of the day and allow spray bottle to dry.

Important information

Food Sanitiser contains chlorine. Store in a cool area and rotate stocks to use oldest material first. Do not mix with any acidic substances.

To ensure accurate dosing it is important to know the capacity of the sink unless a mixing station is used. Fill sink to the normal level and measure the width and depth of the sink, and the depth of the water in cm. Multiply these together, then divide by 1000. The result is the capacity in Litres.

Technical information

Fragrance: Chlorine Odour
Pale Yellow
Form: Liquid
pH level: 12.5

Recyclable packaging

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