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Vincirc Phosphate Free

Tartrate Remover.

A low-foaming non-caustic powder used for CIP (Clean-in-Place) applications in wineries to remove residue, staining and tartrate deposits.


Phosphate free

Low-hazard product that is much safer than caustic-based cleaners

Requires less PPE when using

Fast rinsing

Contains a special low foam surfactant to give rapid wetting and penetration of tartrate deposits

Assists with brown film removal, especially if used during vintage

Low foaming even when used through high pressure units such as Gamajet and Fury as well as CIP systems

High levels of sequestrant gives rapid removal of built-up scale in tanks and equipment

Does not contain silicates which can block filling heads or form hard crusty deposits

Can be used in recirculating systems

Phosphate free formulation helps reduce the production of algal blooms in water ways and water treatment areas


Vincirc Phosphate Free is recommended for cleaning tanks in wineries to remove light to medium tartrate deposits. It can also be used to clean inside wine tankers.



Use the amounts shown below usage guide. After a while, the operators will be able to establish the optimum amounts needed for each tank. The thickness of the tartrate deposit can vary dependant on the age of the wine, type, how long it has been in the tank and process in use such as cold stabilisation. Waste storage tanks, for lees and must, may require higher concentrations of Vincirc Phosphate Free.


Light: Small crystals up to 2mm scattered over the surface with a lot of uncovered stainless steel still exposed. Use at 0.5%-1% w/v.

Medium: Small crystals up to 2mm covering most of the surface. Use at 1%-1.5% w/v.

Heavy: Larger crystals over 2mm covering most, or all, of the surface. Use at 1.5%-3% w/v.

  1. Mix with warm water to form a thin slurry before adding to the tank. If the water is normally added to a 200L drum, then pumped in, simply sprinkle the Vincirc Phosphate Free into the drum whilst filling and then pump with the tank.
  2. Circulate with sprayball or other system for 20-30 minutes
  3. Monitor by testing pH and by visual assessment. Maintain pH above 9 to ensure continued effectiveness.
  4. Drain tank when clean, then rinse with water and finally a mildly acidic rinse. Vincirc Phosphate Free is a cleaner not a sanitiser. If sanitising is required, sanitise tank using your preferred method.

Use Vincirc Phosphate Free at dilutions from 0.5kg/100L (0.5% w/v) to 3kg/100L (3% w/v) dependant on the degree of soiling. Warm water is recommended for slurry preparation before adding to the tank.

Use Vincirc Phosphate Free at dilutions from 2kg/100L (2% w/v)to 4kg/100L (4% w/v), dependant on the degree of soiling.

Technical information

pH level: 10.8-11.4 at 1% w/w
Form: Powder
Colour: White

Recyclable packaging

Phosphate free

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