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Potassium Plus

Primarily used for cleaning wine storage tanks where tartrate or protein removal is required.

Heavy Duty CIP (Clean-in-Place) Liquid for tartrate removal.


Highly concentrated blend of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide

Extremely effective at rapidly removing fat and protein deposits

Cleaning agents effectively wet, penetrate and dissolve tartrate deposits and assist with brown film removal in the wine industry

Low foaming even when used through high pressure spray units, such as Gamajet and Fury as well as CIP systems

High levels of sequestrant gives rapid removal of built-up scale in tanks and equipment, even in very hard water areas


Potassium Plus is suitable for use as a heavy duty cleaner for stainless steel equipment in the food processing facilities and wineries.

Do not use aluminium surfaces.


For use in wineries: Simply add the water to the tank and then add the required amount of Potassium Plus. The amount of Potassium Plus required will depend on the thickness of tartrate, its structure and the size of the tank.

The thickness of the tartrate deposit can vary dependant on the age of the wine, type, how long it has been in the tank and process in use such as cold stabilisation. As a guide:

Light: Small crystals up to 2mm scattered over the surface with a lot of uncovered stainless steel still exposed.

Medium: Small crystals up to 2mm covering most of the surface.

Heavy: Larger crystals over 2mm covering most, or all, of the surface.

Tank Size (L) Light Deposit (kg) Medium Deposit (kg) Heavy Deposit (kg)
10,000L 3kg 4kg 6kg
20,000L 4kg 5kg 8kg
50,000L 6kg 10kg 15kg
100,000L 10kg 15kg 22kg
200,000L 15kg 20kg 30kg
500,000L 20kg 30kg 45kg
  1. Add water to the tank and then add the required amount of Potassium Plus. Refer to table above.
  2. Circulate with sprayball or other system for 20 - 30 minutes.
  3. Monitor by testing pH and by visual assessment. Maintain pH above 9.5 to ensure continued effectiveness.
  4. Drain tank when clean, then rinse with water and finally a mildly acidic rinse.

Potassium Plus is a cleaner not a sanitiser. If sanitising is required, sanitise tank using your preferred method.

For use in the food industry:

As a heavy duty CIP or COP cleaner, for bottle washing, cleaning deep fryers, meat hook cleaning and soaking equipment. Use at levels between 2 – 8% dependent on degree of soiling. Add slowly to cold water, then heat solution. Never add to hot water.

Rinse all surfaces with fresh water after cleaning.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Colourless
pH level: 14.0 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: Aluminium and soft metals, such as copper and brass.
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

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