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A premium quality non-foaming machine dishwashing liquid.

Hi-Tech contains high levels of descaling compounds to maintain the machine in scale free condition in any water.


Contains high levels of water softening agents and scale inhibitors

No need to use an additional descaler

Heavy duty cleaner that removes stubborn soiling with ease

Highly concentrated giving outstanding economy

Phosphate free


Can also be used as a laundry break and a CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaner


Hi-Tech is suitable for all commercial dishwashers with a feeder system attached.


Hi-Tech is automatically dispensed by a commercial dishwasher feeder. Simply change the drum when empty.

Machine dishwasher: Use 1.0-1.5g/L

Laundry break: 20-40mL/5kg machine capacity

CIP: 0.5 - 2% depending on type and level of soiling, contact time and agitation.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Colourless
pH level: 14.0 in neat form
Incompatible surfaces: May be corrosive to metals.
Form: Liquid

Recyclable container

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