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Launder Solv

Laundry Emulsifier

An effective oil and grease emulsifier for commercial laundries.


Contains a specialised blend of surfactants and solvents that are designed to penetrate difficult to remove oily soils and emulsify them

Contains an orange oil solvent to assist in degreasing, leaving a fresh orange fragrance

Removes a wide range of oily and greasy soils including: Mineral make-up and fake tan from linen, towels and face washers

Motor oil and grease from workshop overalls

Massage oils and essential oils from linen and towels

Food grease and fats from table linens

Cooking grease and fats from commercial kitchen tea towels

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


Launder Solv can be used in domestic and commercial washing machines.


Launder Solv works best in ambient water.


  1. Add Launder Solv to the prewash cycle at cold to 40°C for 2-4 minutes.
    - Add 250mL Launder Solv per 25kg capacity
    - Or 125mL Launder Solv combined with 125g laundry detergent eg. Dominant Motel
  2. The main wash should use laundry detergent on its own, or Launder Solv can be added as a booster if soil levels are high. Launder Solv can also be used in conjunction with an automated feeder system and will be set up by a technician at the correct level.


  1. Add Launder Solv to normal laundry detergent at a rate of 60mL/5kg capacity.
  2. Use warm to hot wash cycle.
  3. Use amount of detergent recommended for a heavily soiled wash.

If some stains are very bad, Launder Solv can be used to pre spot the stains before adding to the wash.

Technical information

Fragrance: Orange
Colour: Clear
Form: Liquid
pH Level: 8.5
Incompatible surfaces: Do not use on wool, silk or other delicate fabrics

Recyclable packaging


Septic safe

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