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Laundry powder.

Premium laundry powder for top and front loading washing machines. Contains an activated oxygen bleach system and stain removing enzymes to provide brilliant results.


Contains activated oxygen bleach to boost colour-safe bleaching and antimicrobial function

A blend of enzymes work together for outstanding stain removal including protease enzyme to assist in the breakdown of any protein stains

Built-in corrosion inhibitors protect the washing machine

No caustic ingredients

Contains water softening agents for enhanced performance, especially in hard water areas. Can also be used as a soaker for heavily soiled items

Suitable for use in top and front loading washing machines

Biodegradable and septic safe

Can be used on all normal washable fabrics


Motel can be used in commercial and domestic front and top loading washing machines.


Best results are achieved when used at 50-60°C as the oxygen bleach requires heat to work most effectively. The quantity may be reduced in soft water or if soiling is light. For heavy soiling increase dosage.

Domestic top loader

Washing machine capacity
Machine Size 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg
Grams per wash 100g 150g 200g 200g

Domestic front loader

Washing machine capacity
Machine Size 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg
Grams per wash 50g 75g 100g 125g

COMMERCIAL WASHING MACHINE: Use at a rate of 250g/20kg washing machine capacity.

Coloured fabrics:
The recommended oxygen bleach is Dominant Dominish.
Front Loader:
Use 50-100g depending on load size.
Top Loader:
Use 100-200g depending on load size.

FOR USE AS A SOAKER: Use 30g in a bucket to 250g in a full laundry trough. Do not use Motel with chlorine bleaches.

Technical information

Colour: White
pH Level:
Incompatible surfaces:
Do not use on wool, silk or other delicate fabrics.

Recyclable packaging


Septic safe

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