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DUO Part 2

Beer Line Cleaner System.

A two-product system designed to work synergistically together to remove beerstone and scale deposits from beer lines.


A synergistic two product system that combines release oxygen and achieve outstanding results

Removes hard to clean beerstone from beer lines

Removes hard water scale deposits

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


Suitable for use in all types of beer lines.


  1. Turn off beer chiller hand valves or isolate compressor as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Flush lines with clean water.
  3. Make up Duo solution by adding 60mL Part 1, plus 60mL Part 2 per 5L water. DO NOT mix Parts 1 and 2 together in the neat form, always add to water first. Duo Part 1 is highly caustic.
  4. Fill lines with the freshly mixed Duo solution.
  5. Leave cleaner in lines for a minimum of 1 hour. Every 15 minutes pull 300mL of solution from each tap. Also open bleed valve on cellar boy to bring fresh cleaning solution through.
  6. While cleaning lines strip tapping heads and fittings and soak in Duo solution for 1 hour. Rinse and reassemble.
  7. Flush cleaner from lines using 10L of clean water from each tap.
  8. If beer is not connected after flushing blow out lines with CO2. Never leave lines full of water overnight.
  9. When lines have been left full of CO2 flush 10L of water through each tap before connecting beer.

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Colourless
pH Level: 3.2

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