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Soft Serve Machine Cleaner

Machine Cleaner.

A chlorinated powder for sanitising soft serve, slushie machines and blenders.


Cleans and sanitises

Effective at removing ice cream and dairy deposits

Contains 1.4% available chlorine to assist in cleaning and sanitation

Controls hard water scale

→ Tested against the following bacteria. At the recommended level of 30g/4 Litres it achieved a >log 5 reduction after 2 minutes at 40˚C under clean conditions against:

• Listeria monocytogenes

• Salmonella choleraesuis

• Escherichia coli

• Staphylococcus aureus


For use in a wide range of soft serve machines.


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the machine. The basic procedure is as follows:

1. Empty out any ice cream and rinse machine with clean water.

2. Make up a solution using 1 scoop (30g)/4L litres warm water and pump through machine.

3. Disassemble any parts that need to removed, rinse and soak in a solution made up as above.

4. At start up the next day reassemble machine and make up another solution at rate of 1 scoop (30g)/4L and pump through machine and allow to drain.

Allow at least 2 minutes contact time when using the solution. Store in a cool dry place with the lid firmly sealed.

Technical information

Fragrance: Chlorine odour
Colour: White
Form: Powder
pH Level: 11.4

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Product information


Product code

4kg pail


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