Within the wine making process, effective cleaning chemicals are essential for avoiding re-work of products, flavour-taint and excessive down-time of production equipment whilst cleaning occurs.

Forward-thinking wine and brewing organisations are moving away from basic sodium-hydroxide or potassium-hydroxide solutions, to formulated chemicals that include active agents to remove deposit build-up on tanks and filters, and reduce the cleaning time and volume of chemicals used, or sent to waste-water flows.

Wine Making

At Dominant, we pride ourselves on working with wineries to develop formulated cleaning products that offer reduced risk of contamination or taint in winery production, whilst also improving cleaning performance and minimising environmental impact associated with waste-water run-off.

Our formulated products include:

  • Potassium Hydroxide/Sodium Hydroxide blends with added surfactants and sequestrants, which is now the favoured CIP solution for a number of Australia’s leading wineries
  • Formulations blending peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to product a very effective sanitiser, with the additional benefits of being non corrosive to stainless steel and reducing biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) in effluent.
  • Non-caustic products designed product for medium-duty cleaning such as removing light to medium tartrate deposits. The non-caustic formula is much safer for operators and doesn’t require dangerous goods storage requirements or other PPE. It can also be safely used on aluminium equipment.
  • Formulations which combine Sodium Hydroxide with low-foaming detergents and sequestrants to deliver exceptional cleaning performance

When using formulated products instead of the basic caustic products historically used in wineries, the small additional cost for products is more than offset by the reduction in cleaning time, effluent water treatment and cleaning performance.

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Products we offer

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Tank Cleaners

  • BWL
    Heavy duty liquid containing 50% w/v sodium hydroxide, plus low foam detergent and sequestrant.
  • BWP
    Heavy duty powder containing 93% w/w sodium hydroxide, plus low foam detergent and sequestrant.
  • Potassium Plus
    Heavy duty CIP liquid contains a blend of potassium and sodium salt to reduce sodium levels in effluent which runs directly into the environment.This product is primarily used for cleaning wine storage tanks where tartrate or protein removal is required and for heavy duty cleaning of stainless steel equipment. Contains caustic, sequestrates (chelating agents) and low foaming surfactants for cleaning and rapid penetration of deposits.
    After cleaning, an acidic rinse should be used to neutralise any residual chemical left in the tanks. As well as the products listed above, Dominant also manufactures a number of other products that we use in Food Manufacturing that have applications within winery operations and bottling plants.
  • Tank Wash II
    Heavy duty liquid containing alkaline builders, plus low foam detergent and sequestrant. Classified as Non Dangerous Goods.
  • Vinclean
    Medium duty powder ideal for removing light to medium tartrate deposits. Non caustic formula is much safer for operators and doesn’t require dangerous goods storage requirements.


Wine tanks should be sanitised prior to refilling. Whilst the cleaning process will significantly reduce the number of microbes, it will not provide the reduction in microorganisms required to achieve sanitation.

Traditionally wineries used chlorine or sulphur compounds for sanitising. However, many wineries now no longer use chlorine because of risk of trichloroanisole formation which can cause flavour tainting.

  • Ethanol 70%
    This is a ready to use sanitiser spayed onto surfaces after breaks to ensure they remain sanitised. Spray on and leave to dry before resuming processing.
  • Mox
    MOX is a foaming oxygenated cleaner sanitiser for cleaning and bleaching the outside surfaces of bottling lines, tanks, floors etc. MOX contains 6% available oxygen and is foamed on at dilutions from 1:10 to 1:40 to remove soiling and mould deposits.
  • Oxypower LF
    Oxypower LF is a development from Dominant that offers exceptional performance and safety in use. Liquid peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide blends, such as Oxysan, have been used for many years, but being Dangerous Goods are not pleasant to handle, and have a strong acetic acid odour.
    Oxypower LF is a powder that liberates peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide in solution leading to a potent sanitiser. Oxypower LF has practically no odour and is classified as Non Dangerous Goods.
    It has been extensively tested against a number of bacteria and yeasts known to cause wine spoilage, and a detailed Technical Bulletin and test results are available.
    Oxypower LF is used at 3 to 5g/L for sanitation. It may also be used at a higher level to remove brown films from tanks.
  • Oxysan
    Oxysan is an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. It is a very effective sanitiser, with the additional benefits of being non corrosive to stainless steel and reducing biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.) in effluent, thereby reducing the treatment needed for the effluent.
    Use rates vary from 2-10g/L dependant on how clean the surface is and what micro-organisms are present.
    A detailed use and safety bulletin is available for Oxysan. Oxysan is classified as Dangerous Goods.


  • Citric CIP
    A natural acid solution used for neutralising tanks and lines after using highly alkaline products. It is advised that Citric CIP be used prior to Oxypower LF, as residual caustic can inactivate sanitising properties.

Cleaning Floors and Outside Tanks

Most wineries have concrete floors between the tanks. These floors can become badly stained due to wine spillages.
The residues from the wine can act as a food source for bacteria and moulds. This can lead to off colours or unsightly black mould staining.

  • HD Scrubber
    For large areas where a floor scrubber with wet pick up is used, HD Scrubber is recommended. This is a heavy duty cleaner with a low foam profile making it suitable for use in scrubbing machines.
  • Hyfoam
    The outside of wine tanks often gets covered with a black mould build-up. Hyfoam is a liquid chlorinated cleaner that can be sprayed on with a foamer or high pressure cleaner to remove these deposits.

Bottling Plant Products

  • Line Lube
    Line Lube is a combined cleaner and lubricant for slat chains. Line Lube is injected directly into the spray lines at levels from 0.5 to 0.7% and keeps slat chains sparkling clean and well lubricated.
    Line Lube contains high levels of sequestrants making it suitable for use in hard or soft water without any build up that may block jets.
    Many slat chain cleaners and lubricants can lead to build up of mould deposits on the lines, especially in winter. Line Lube contains a biocide which prevents mould forming on the lines.
  • Shor Kleen
    Graphite lubricants used in the bottle making process can create unsightly black deposits on the side of slat chain lines. This is easily removed using Shor Kleen, a powerful solvent degreaser. Using a trigger spray, simply spray over grease build up, then wipe off.

Beerline Cleaners

  • DUO
    Duo is a twin pack system containing caustic compounds in Part 1 and an oxygen bleach in Part 2. When mixed together they release oxygen to assist in cleaning and sanitation.
    Duo Part 1 also contains scale removing compounds to dissolve difficult to remove beerstone deposits.


Dominant can supply a wide range of equipment for accurate dispensing and more efficient use of the products. This includes chemical dosing pumps, electronic detergent feeders, handsoap dispensers and more.


Dominant is committed to providing ongoing training of the highest standard. Staff training is an integral component of the Dominant service.

Dominant can provide training on many facets related to cleaning and hygiene including:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • The Safe and Effective Use of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Doing it Right: Good Dishwasher Practice
  • Hazard identification in the workplace
  • HACCP and Food Hygiene procedures

An assessment component is available for all the training modules above in order to assess competency.

Free reporting

Dominant provides monthly dishwasher and glasswasher reporting free of charge. Reporting covers machine and chemical dispensing, equipment condition and operation maintenance.

Technical Assistance
& Information

Safety Data Sheets and copies of the Food Industry Approvals are available. Technical Bulletins give additional information about the products, and SOP’s and Product Application Charts can be prepared to assist with staff training and ensure optimum product use.

Dominant has qualified chemists on staff, please contact us for specialised advice, and assistance with any cleaning or sanitation requirements.

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