For the hospitality sector, cleaning chemicals have a direct impact on the customer experience.

Whether it is the cleanliness of plates, glasses and cutlery, ensuring hygienic kitchen environments, or cleaning dining areas, the quality your customers experience depends on products you use.

From fine dining to convention sized hospitality, Dominant has the best products and services to ensure a clean and safe environment at all times.

Experts in hospitality

The fact that some of our customer relationships are over 40 years old demonstrates the quality that hospitality, catering and restaurant managers see in the products and services Dominant provides.

Whether it is products for manual or automatic dishwashing, chemicals for cleaning specific equipment (such as combi-ovens and coffee making equipment) or general products for dining and food service areas, Dominant has it covered.
Complimenting our products are dispensing equipment, usage guides and training that ensure you don’t use more chemicals than you have to, thereby minimising your costs.

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Products we offer

Associated Services

Catering & Hospitality Range

Our range includes products suited to both large-scale food service environments, or smaller fine-dining experiences. We draw on our years of experience in Catering and Hospitality to provide products that are:

  • Specifically formulated for use in food preparation areas, with exceptional cleaning properties and low or non-fragranced product options
  • Suited to either daily light use or heavy duty cleaning
  • Guaranteed to remove the toughest baked-on deposits on ovens, grills and other cooking surfaces
  • Provided in either a ready-to-use or super-concentrated format, depending on your requirements
  • Renowned for delivering exceptional cleaning performance and cost-in-use

General Cleaning & Housekeeping

Dominant manufactures a wide range of products that meet the housekeeping and general cleaning requirements of the hospitality and catering sector.

Key features of our range includes:

  • Excellent economy in use and minimal change-overs for staff through the use of long-lasting highly concentrated formulas
  • Simpler, easy-to-use multi-purpose products that minimise the variety of chemicals stored on site
  • An integrated ‘Smart System’ range to meet all housekeeping needs. The Smart System features standardised dilution-controlled dispensers, highly concentrated formulas, complementary fragrances and Protekta™ caps (to ensure staff never come into direct contact with neat product)
  • Sanitisers, including no-rinse sanitisers and TGA registered products for use on multiple hard surfaces and for emergency outbreak control
  • Products formulated to deliver both high-performance and low cost-in-use to save money and cleaning time
  • Dispensing equipment matched to products to prevent overuse of chemicals or incorrect dilution

Hand & Personal Care

Hand cleaning is a vital step in prevention of cross infection in the food industry. With frequent hand cleaning required in many areas mild products are essential to prevent dermatitis. Recognising the spread of requirements our customers have, Dominant manufactures a complete range to suit all applications.

Most products are available in bulk or in the Dominant Star System; a sealed pouch-based system that eliminates cross contamination and bacteria and pathogen build-up associated with refillable soap systems.

Our range includes:

  • Aquista – an odourless hand cleaner especially made for food preparation areas
  • Foaming and/or sanitising hand soaps in manual or automatic dispensers
  • Product-specific hand hygiene training and wall charts
  • Budget-focused products for industrial or cost-conscious situations


Dominant can supply a wide range of equipment for accurate dispensing and more efficient use of the products. This includes chemical dosing pumps, electronic detergent feeders, handsoap dispensers and more.


Dominant is committed to providing ongoing training of the highest standard. Staff training is an integral component of the Dominant service.

Dominant can provide training on many facets related to cleaning and hygiene including:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • The Safe and Effective Use of Cleaning Chemicals
  • Doing it Right: Good Dishwasher Practice
  • Hazard identification in the workplace
  • HACCP and Food Hygiene procedures

An assessment component is available for all the training modules above in order to assess competency.

Free reporting

Dominant provides monthly dishwasher and glasswasher reporting free of charge. Reporting covers machine and chemical dispensing, equipment condition and operation maintenance.

Technical Assistance
& Information

Safety Data Sheets and copies of the Food Industry Approvals are available. Technical Bulletins give additional information about the products, and SOP’s and Product Application Charts can be prepared to assist with staff training and ensure optimum product use.

Dominant has qualified chemists on staff, please contact us for specialised advice, and assistance with any cleaning or sanitation requirements.

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