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Urinal Air Freshener Mats

Keep urinals smelling fresh with Dominant urinal mats.

We realise quality cleaning is at the heart of all washroom presentation however extra help 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the bonus this mat offers. Silently deodorising and cleaning available in a range of fragrances.


Gradually releases fragrance to freshen urinals for up to 30 days

Mat releases optimised bacteria to assist with cleaning the urinal and eliminating any odours

15% more fragrance compared to a vinyl urinal mat

Flexible, translucent design allows for optimal drain flow

Mat helps to trap debris whilst also providing full view of the urinal drain

Maintain a fresh smelling urinal with four different fragrance choices

Herbal Mint

Spiced Apple

Ocean Mist


Product information

Product fragrance Colour
Herbal Mint Green
Spiced Apple Red
Ocean Mist Blue
Citrus Yellow


The mats will shrink by 30% in 30 days highlighting when it is time to change over.

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