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Domclean 44

CIP Caustic Detergent.

Heavy duty CIP detergent for fast removal of protein soils, fats, oils and carbonised deposits.


Strong caustic CIP liquid containing sodium hydroxide

Contains water softening agents and dispersants for more effective cleaning

Quickly removes protein soils, fats, oils and carbonised deposits

Can be used with high pressure units and CIP systems

Can be used to clean deep fryers

Suitable for crate washing machines

Suitable for automatic dosing and control by conductivity, ensuring consistent delivery of product and reproducible cleaning results

Ideal for use on stainless steel equipment

Highly economical and cost effective


Food and beverage applications including stainless steel equipment, crate washing and deep fryers.


CIP CLEANER: Use at dilutions from 1:100 (1% v/v) to 1:40 (2.5% v/v). Best results achieved in temperatures between 60-80˚C. Do not boil cleaning solution. Circulate through equipment for desired time, then rise with fresh water.

LARGE PROCESSING PLANTS: Domclean 44 can be automatically dispensed using conductivity as the controller. Conductivity v’s concentration charts are available to enable SOP’s to be set up accurately.

CRATE WASHING: Dispense using a conductivity control feeder. Concentration will depend on soil level.

DEEP FRYERS: To clean deep fryers use 2L/100L of water or 4L/100L of water, depending on the soil level. Maintain a water temperature of 90˚C during cleaning. Thoroughly rinse with potable water after use.

Technical information

Colour: Pale Brown
Form: Liquid
pH Level: 14.0
Incompatible surfaces: Do not use on aluminium, galvanising or other soft metals.


  • Halal certification

Recyclable packaging

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