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Combi Clean

Combi oven cleaner.

High strength caustic cleaner for Combi Ovens.


Removes oil, fats and baked-on deposits from combi-oven interior surfaces

Strongly caustic, potassium hydroxide based formula

Low foaming

Contains scale-inhibitors to reduce hard water scale build-up

Built-in corrosion inhibitors

Highly concentrated and economical


For use in commercial Combi Ovens or CIP fitted with and automatic cleaning feature.


Combi Clean is automatically dispensed by an electronic feeder. Never add manually or use for manual cleaning. Simply change the drum when empty.

Dosage rates: Use Combi Clean at 3g/L up to 5g/L for cold water cleaning. The normal dosage rate will depend on the level of soiling, the temperature of use and effectiveness of the machine. Store in a secure area that can be locked and segregate from any incompatible materials.

Technical information

Colour: Colourless
Form: Liquid
pH Level:

Recyclable packaging

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