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The magic of Microfibre

If you’ve ever overheard the hype about microfibre cloths, there’s definitely good reasoning behind it (take it from us).

What exactly do microfibre cloths do and how do they work?

First fact’s first, they’re excellent at removing organic matter such as grease, oils and dirt from hard surfaces with their electrostatic properties which give them high dust-attracting power. They work by lifting and trapping significantly more dust than traditional cleaning cloths.

Of course, we love a product that lightens the cleaning load across a range of applications in all industries. Adopting a microfibre cloth into your cleaning routine is always a great idea the uses are endless, for example:

Cleaning, sanitising and wiping down benchtops

Cleaning and wiping down glass, mirrors and windows

Cleaning stainless steel surfaces and appliances

Chrome taps and handles

Daily applications include

Dusting frequent touch-point areas

Giving doorknobs, computer screen and computer mouse a once-over

Wiping down kitchen areas/shared lunch spaces

Bathroom surfaces

Think of microfibre towel as the perfect substitute for anywhere you would traditionally use a paper or cloth towel. The most effective way to encourage daily cleaning within the workplace is to make it as simple as possible, that’s where microfibre cloths come in.

Cleaning efficiency

Because they’re so highly effective at collecting and trapping dust and other contaminants, one cloth goes a long way (certainly a lot further than your traditional paper towel). With the use of less products and quicker application, it makes occasions like end of year clean-up and a quick desk tidy up a breeze.


The beauty of microfibre cloths is their durability. Microfibre fabrics hold their shape well as they’re made from synthetic yarns that are split into millions of microscopic fibres. These individual fibres are up to 100x finer than human hair, which is where the intense absorbency capabilities lie. As a result, they’re able to hold up to 7x their weight in water!

Due to their durability, they last longer without foregoing their efficacy over time. In fact, they can be washed up to 450 times without a dent to its cleaning capabilities or shape, making them a highly economical long-term solution.

Economically friendly

Thanks to their efficiency, using microfibre cloths reduces your water consumption and chemical usage, resulting in less spend over time (just think of it as the gift that keeps on giving).

Interested in learning more about how microfibre cleaning fits into your unique space?

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