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3 steps to the end of year office clean-up

Generally, when we think of end of year we think of one word: deadlines. But, it's equally as important to tick the "end of year office clean" off the list so you can start the next year on a fresh note. That being said, where would you even start? 🤯

Here's a step-by-step guide that'll have your space gleaming like new:

De-clutter for productivity! 🧹

First thing's first, it's time to de-clutter. From clearing, to dusting, sanitising and assessing, we've got a simple step-by-step guide that'll help you take care of everything from top to bottom:

👉 Follow our simple guide to de-cluttering your space here. 👈end

Disinfecting and sanitising high traffic areas

Think about where the highest amount of foot traffic is by creating a mental path of the staff and visitor journey - this is typically where the most amount of germ and bacteria build up lives. Surfaces like door handles, hand railings and light switches can be disinfected using hard surface sanitiser. Don't forget to also go over:

  • lift buttons
  • printers
  • air conditioners
  • kitchen appliances/powerboards
  • remotes

Look at the highest foot traffic areas and set up sanitation stations with hand care and disinfectant wipes to protect your space by encouraging personal care. You'd be surprised how much dangerous bacteria can be eliminated with frequent quick cleaning!

Tackle the outside

It's true what they say - first impressions are everything. So why would you stop at cleaning the inside? The way your business looks from the outside plays a large role in forming that first impression. It's about understanding the whole experience and making it as a clean and safe as possible.

  • start with the look of the building - if you've got large windows and glass doors, facing the main road think about how these appear if they're dirty
  • carpark area - are the parking slots free of tree branches that could injure staff/visitors?
  • side walk - have the leaves and debris been swept away?

Consistency is key to ensuring your workplace is in the condition every customer and staff member deserves. Put your best foot forward with a consistent cleaning schedule - remember, it's easier to tackle it bit by bit on a more regular basis than it is to let it pile up until the end of the year.

Tick off 'office cleaning' from your end of year checklist

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