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De-clutter for productivity

The majority of us would have experienced how de-cluttering can drastically benefit our mood, but have you heard about the link between de-cluttering and productivity? A 2019 Harvard Business Review study found that constant visual reminders of disorganisation drains our cognitive resources and reduces our ability to focus. So let's kick-start the end of year clean-up with some old fashioned de-cluttering!

Follow the simple 6 step process: 👇

1. Remove everything

Getting rid of the clutter you've been staring at all year long is by far the most satisfying step. Remove everything on your desk from the files, to your laptop, mouse and desk setup. The goal here is to end up with a completely empty desk.

2. Dust be gone

Once the desk is completely empty, make use of a damp microfibre cloth to wipe over entire surface, making sure to go over the corner and sides of the desk. Once you've got a clean blank canvas, go over your laptop, keyboard and computer screen, getting into every nook and cranny and removing all visual dust particles.

3. Spray and wipe sanitiser

Once you've taken care of some much needed clearing and dusting, use some spray and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel to go over the surface.

4. Assess each item and put them in their respective places

That reminder note you've had on your desk that's 500 business days overdue? It can go. Look at the items you need for more frequent tasks and put these items into your drawers so they're closest to you, without being in your way. Everything else can be stored away using shelves with labelled folders, also known as the "archive" items that don't need to be in direct eyesight. All other items can be sorted into a junk pile that can be thrown away, recycled or donated - for example, the spare pens and blank notepads you've collected in your drawer can be donated to schools.

5. Re-arrange your desk

The best way to assess your items is in matter of priority. Start by thinking about what's absolutely critical for your day-to-day tasks/admin - these should be the only items that live on your desk (if anything)! Everything else needs a designated place elsewhere. Pinboards and whiteboards are great tools for organising your day and substituting notepad reminders on desks for organised planning with visual queues.

🌟 6. Set up a cleaning routine:

Make it part of your weekly routine. Allocate time during the week that's typically 'down-time' and create a reminder to give your desk a clean/re-shuffle, so all that clutter doesn't just pile back up a week later! It'll do wonders for your productivity, and only take a maximum of half an hour a week!💡

Ready, set, de-clutter

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