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Sustainable products

The Dominant Mission 🌱

Sustainability goes hand in hand with our values and corporate mission. We take pride in knowing we're providing you with the peace of mind in knowing when you're purchasing a Dominant product, you're making a difference.

This includes recyclable, refillable, and reusable packaging, to product formulas that are biodegradable, garden safe, septic safe, phosphate free, and use plant based ingredients.

Throughout 2022 we saw a large push towards more sustainable and environmentally responsible formulations across the board.
Daniel Knowles, Research & Development Manager.

The consumer feedback is in line with our company value to always think sustainably in order to achieve our goals. When developing new products, priority is given to minimising the environmental impact.

Minimising environmental impact 🌏

Packaging can be recyclable

Formulas containing biodegradable ingredients

Septic safe and garden safe product formulas

Phosphate free formulas

Plant based ingredients

Plant Powered Cleaning 🌿

A selection of 12 ready-to-use plant powered cleaning products ranging from Air Deodoriser to Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant, formulated to help you take complete charge of your cleaning procedures.

The eco-friendly products leverage the power of plant based ingredients in a convenient ready-to-use trigger, or squeeze bottle - no dilution or heavy lifting required.

We're here to help you implement sustainability within your business. Whatever your objective, we have a solution.

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