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How to be strategic with your sanitiser

Tips for best hand sanitiser placement into your workplace

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that the past two years have well and truly taught us the importance of having hand sanitisers readily available in the workplace.

As COVID-19 rules lighten and we become further accustomed with the "new normal", the emphasis on having sanitiser accessible to staff, customers and visitors remains a top priority. Businesses still have a duty of care to protect their people and their space, (not to mention the need to create a good first impression).

When adding sanitisers to the workplace, it's extremely important to be strategic with the placement to ensure we're encouraging frequent hand hygiene practices.

Our top 5 tips for strategic hand sanitiser placement

1. Make it easily accessible

Yes, we know this sounds obvious but it's much easier said than done. Always make sure you cater for all people that may be entering your facility such as:

  • Small children
  • People with physical health impairments

Additionally, consider the fact that not all people will access the facility through the main entrance. Look at your workplace layout and ask yourself key questions such as:

  • How many people enter through different entrances - have we covered them with enough sanitiser and is it easy for them to access?
  • External stakeholders such as delivery persons - do we have an allocated hand hygiene point that's easily accessible for them?
  • Frequent touchpoint areas - do we have sufficient sanitiser?

Consider the different types of visitors entering and map out a brief layout of their journey - does this meet hand hygiene expectations?

2. Keep it in eye-sight

If you can't see it, there's no good in it being there. Ask yourself this:

Is the hand sanitiser placement on a desk full of other things such as flowers ,flyers, posters and fundraising material? Then it's probably very easy to miss. It's good idea to create a dedicated space for your hand sanitiser to encourage frequent touchpoint use.

3. Install a permanent dispenser

Show that your business is taking its hygiene practices seriously with the addition of:

These also ensure your sanitisers don't go mysteriously missing!

Did you know that compliance with COVID-19 hygiene measures has now become a big check-point for potential candidates when looking to join a new workplace? Talk about the need to make a good first impression!

4. Be strategic with your placement

It's absolutely imperative that you pair your placement with high traffic areas, including:

These tips ensure that you are taking appropriate action in your workplace to provide employees, customers and visitors with complete access to hand sanitiser when required, and encourages a hand hygiene routine in your workplace.

5. Create a sign

Don't assume: Hand washing and sanitising properly may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people aren't doing it properly. It's a good idea to accompany your stand with a 'how-to' poster for absolute surety.

Dominant will provide these to all hand sanitiser customers, check out our examples below:

Being strategic with your sanitiser placement is an extra step towards protecting your people and your brand. Our extensive range of hand care products are curated to safeguard your environment and add a unique sensory experience for each hand care experience.

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