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Glass Cleaning Solutions

Glass Cleaning Solutions

Glass cleaners can be used in almost any industry, this includes hospitality, automotive, education, office spaces, health, and aged care. They are best used to remove soil, dirt, dust, finger-marks, smudges, and streaks from windows, mirrors, glass doors and furniture, chrome surfaces such as taps, handles, doors and handrails.

What are our best tips for cleaning glass and chrome surfaces?

5 simple steps for cleaning glass:

1. Preclean

Surfaces such as windows can be soiled and require pre-cleaning with an appropriate hard surface cleaner. Try Dominant Spray & Wipe or Laser. If the surface isnt pre-cleaned you may notice marks will be much harder to remove, they may stay on the surface, or leave behind a residue.

2. Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner

Ammonia in glass cleaning products can irritate skin and eyes and be harmful to breathe in when in enclosed spaces. Dominant glass cleaners are ammonia-free allowing you to clean safely and comfortably without an unpleasant odour.

3. Clean with a microfibre cloth

Using a clean, dry microfibre cloth will achieve the best results when cleaning glass. Alternatively, use a lint-free cloth, paper towel, or newspaper. Don’t use anything that may scratch the surface.

4. Don’t let the cloth get too wet

If your cleaning cloth is too wet, you may notice it starting to leave streaks or water spots on glass surfaces as the water evaporates. Using a dry cloth will prevent water spots.

5. Wipe in a circular motion

To avoid streaks it is best to clean glass surfaces in small circular motions. This action will also help to cover the entire surface more evenly.

Follow these steps to clean glass without streaks. Learn more about Dominant glass cleaning products Smart Brilliant and ready-to-use Glass Cleaner for all your commercial glass cleaning requirements.

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