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Elevating the washroom experience for your customers

Think about the last time you were at a nice venue. Service? Tick. Food and drinks? Tick. Atmosphere? Tick. Just when it seems like they've ticked every box, you make your way to the bathroom and think...this cannot be right. Does this trigger a particular experience for you?

We’ve all been there done that, and unfortunately you’re left associating your first impressions of the washroom with your overall experience. So why would you risk leaving that same impression on your customers? Let’s face it, more often than not, the washroom is the last part of the considerations when it comes to planning out the whole customer experience. But, here's something to think about:

Creating a home like experience may have just reached its peak in consumer demand. 💡

A recent survey revealed that 56% of 18 to 34-year-olds said restrooms with empty hand soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers would cause them to have a negative perception of a business.
John Engel - Marketing Director, Cintas

Ready, steady, scent

Have you noticed that you tend to remember certain memories and experiences when they’re linked to a scent? Or that you spent more time in a shop when it smells nice? That’s called taking in the fragrance. Scent, memory and emotion are all intertwined. In fact, 75% of all emotions generated every day are due to smell.

Luna Hand Care

Have you heard about our Luna Hand Care Range? A range that's specifically formulated to combine the importance of hand hygiene with the emotional and sensory benefits associated with scent, wrapped up into two beautiful fragrances of French Pear and Grapefruit & Lemon Verbena.

Protecting your people goes beyond encouraging correct personal hygiene practices, it’s about adding a touch of difference that makes each customer’s experience memorable. Make fragrance part of your unique point of differentiation, by adding invigorating sensory benefits to each and every customers’ hand washing experience, and make your experience top of mind.

Miniburst Air Fresheners

Of course, every washroom space comes with unwanted smells, so the need for a reliable air-freshener is an absolute must. Introduce a burst of freshness with Miniburst Air Fresheners! Choose from Mango Madness or Lemon Soda for an antibacterial formula that neutralises malodours an leaves a long lasting, pleasant scent. Plus, with 3000 sprays per can, it' a highly economical option.


Complimentary products show you care. From dispensers, to hand washes, to handwashing charts; consistency immediately shows that you've thought about the bigger picture, and elevates the customer experience. Why stop at just hand wash?

Give your customers the option to select their preferred Luna Hand Care fragrance for complete care. Start with a hand wash and lotion, and top up with a refreshing burst of hand sanitiser throughout the day, for the complete fragrance layering experience.

Commercial convenience with a boutique, premium appeal

Consider the fitting. Apply consistency beyond just the product type, look at the accompanying accessories and how you can make them uniform. A few considerations include:

  • How the colour and shape of the soap holder works against the basin space, like the tap and the sink
  • The colour of the dispenser vs. the colour of the wall it's sitting on, do these colours clash or do they compliment each other?
  • Placement of the products that go hand in hand, are the hand washes and lotions paired together and easily accessible?

Wall brackets and dispensers

Combine space saving with a clean and contemporary look by removing bulky fittings. Discover our sleek, rust-proof coated stainless steel single or double wall brackets as the perfect for completing the look of your washroom. Compatible with each Personal Care product.

A big part of encouraging hand hygiene is by ensuring you're making every experience as simple as possible. Turn away from the traditional hand care products next to the sink and add a manual or automatic dispenser in black or white to suit the fittings of your washroom. Automatic dispensers also allow for touch-free hand care, so you can make protecting your people even easier.

Level up your washroom with products and fixtures that add a home-like feeling to each and every customers' experience.

Elevate your washroom space

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