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Greasetrap and Drain Cleaner.

A highly effective biological cleaner for grease traps and drains.


Non-caustic and non-corrosive

Keeps grease traps and drains flowing freely

Contains a special blend of bacterial spores that produce lipase enzymes to clean fats as well as other extracellular enzymes to degrade food solids and sludge

Contains Bacillus bacteria in 100% spore form for extended product life and product stability

Can be used manually or via an automatically dispensed timer feeder

Dominant’s Earthcare range of products meet our strict environmental and sustainability standards to reduce our environmental impact.


Bioflow can be used in grease traps and drains across a wide range of industries including hospitality, food manufacturing and meatworks.


For best results use an electronic feeder to dispense into the drain leading to the grease trap.
The feeder should be set up at least 3 metres away from any dishwasher to prevent hot water affecting the product. Set feeder to dispense 30-60mL every 3 hours.

1. Add 125-250ml to 5L of luke warm water
2. Pour into the drain after the breakfast or lunch session has been completed and the dishwasher is turned.
3. Repeat step 1, at the very end of the day.

Avoid pouring any strong sanitisers into the drain as it may deactivate the product or reduce its activity

Technical information

Fragrance: No added fragrance
Colour: Lightly straw
Form: Liquid
pH Level: 6.5

Recyclable packaging


Septic safe

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